10 Great Gluten-Free Resources

Are you looking for gluten-free restaurants, gluten-free ingredients, celiac disease facts, or gluten-free support groups? These great gluten-free resources will be helpful for anyone who eats gluten-free, especially people newly diagnosed with celiac disease.

1.     Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF)
The site has many gluten-free resources, including a list of celiac centers throughout the United States.

2.     Gluten-Free Dietitian
Tricia Thompson, MS, RD provides a plethora of resources, including books and a directory of dietitians specializing in celiac disease.

3.     Gluten-Free Drugs
When you are wondering if an over-the-counter medicine or prescription drug is gluten-free, this regularly updated website, which is maintained by a clinical pharmacist, is invaluable.

4.     Gluten-Free Faces
This global gluten-free social network with over 9,000 members is like a gluten-free Facebook. Chat, join groups, ask questions, and share recipes.

5.     Gluten-Free Living
Gluten-Free Living has a terrific magazine, website, and blog with the latest news, gluten-free ingredients, label reading, and more.

Gluten-Free Living Magazine

6.     Gluten-Free Travel Site
It is now easy to travel and safely eat gluten-free, thanks to the countless reviews of restaurants, cruise ships, and hotels on the Gluten-Free Travel Site.  Also, view a handy list of gluten-free menus at chain restaurants.

7.     Gluten-Free Works
Cleo and John Libonati created this popular website, which has many blog posts, nutrition resources, and a directory of celiac support groups.

8.     Harris Whole Health Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Videos
Three experts explain many aspects of celiac disease and eating gluten-free.

9.     National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA)
Whether you are looking for celiac disease symptoms, gluten-free news, gluten-free blogs, or international celiac support groups, NFCA has it all on their comprehensive website.

10.  University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center
Read fact sheets about celiac disease, download a new 75-page free e-book, and request a free gluten-free care package for people newly diagnosed with celiac disease.

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  • http://drjohnlapuma.com/ John La Puma MD

    I would add two: http://glutenfreegirl.com, for inspiring photos and recipes, and http://glutenfreequiz.com, to see if you should be gluten free (full disclosure: I gave a cover quote for the former, and wrote the latter) and give a printout of your symptoms to take to your doctor to discuss.

  • http://glutenfreewithauntjayne.wordpress.com Aunt Jayne