NuGo Dark T-Shirt Giveaway

You could be one of five lucky winners of a NuGo Dark T-Shirt. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post answering this question: Why did you buy your first NuGo bar?

Winners will get to select their T-Shirt size. We will randomly choose the winners on August 26, 2013, and update this blog post with the winning names. Winners must live in the continental US. Good luck!

Congrats to Carmen Orta, Valerie, Jennifer (Costco comment), Melissa, and Michelle who posted the Girl Scouts comment! You won a NuGo Dark T-Shirt! Email your address and shirt size to



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  • Jill Galbraith

    I was walking through my friendly neighborhood Costco when a Nugo saleswoman flagged me down and asked me if I wanted dinner. It was around 8 o’clock and, knowing the sample routine at Costco, that was exactly what I had come down for. She handed me a Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Nugo Slim in all of its glory. Needless to say I soon after bought my first box, and quickly fell in love. My body did too- over the last two months I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds with these delectable bars in my meal plan. Hooray for Nugo and real dark chocolate!

  • Melissa

    I bought my first NuGo bar a little over a year ago when I was just browsing the nutrition bar section at the grocery store. The nutritional facts and image on the package of the Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bar was enough to interest me, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      Congrats Melissa! You won a NuGo Dark T-Shirt! Email your address and shirt size to

  • Megan

    My husband ran the Pittsburgh Marathon a few years ago and got some NuGo bar samples. His friend had raved to him about how good NuGo bars are, but we had yet to try one. After the first bite, we were both sold. We started buying them at Giant Eagle and quickly got into the habit of eating at least one per day. Once we realized we could buy them online, we stocked up on our favorite flavors. Now we always keep a couple boxes of the family variety from Costco. I tell everyone about NuGo bars. They are the perfect guiltless snack.

  • HP

    I’m a vegan and I try to eat only organic, non-gmo, vegan food, when it’s available. I always buy a variety of different vegan products whenever I go to a new grocery store for the first time. I went to a store, in a town about a half hour away, in search of my vegan yogurt. The store didn’t have the yogurt, of course, but I selected a few new snack bars to sample. Some of the bars were awful, but one stood out. It was labeled as a protein bar, but it tasted like candy. I wanted more, but I had only bought one bar and I couldn’t remember the name of it. I looked in all my local stores and I couldn’t find it at any of them. The only thing I remembered was the label saying, “Hexane free soy.” So I searched for hexane-free soy on the net, found the Nugo site and I’ve been buying them ever since. Just like the other customers, I’ve developed a bar a day habit.

  • Ashley P

    My uncle works at the Whole Foods in Austin, Texas and he always sends my family care packages. One of those care packages included a NuGo bar. Unfortunately, the specific bar he sent was not gluten free but I went to your website to see if there were any bars that were gluten free. I was thrilled when I saw that not only do you sell gluten free bars, but bars that were also vegan and nutritious with protein! As an athlete I have had a hard time finding a bar with all those necessities. I was also excited that they sold them at stores in my area! I now enjoy these all the time with my favorites being the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip and the NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup!

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      What a great story and what a great uncle!

  • Magwheelz

    Googl’n for natural protein bars. With the ingredients and price- just had to try them.

    If I may comment on the shirt- I’m pretty impressed. Fall/Winter is coming up- how about a sweatshirt?

  • Elisabeth Edwins

    I bought my first NuGo bar after finding out that I was both gluten and dairy intolerant. I was looking for that sweet dark chocolate kick that tasted great. I found that in NuGo.

  • Jennifer

    I was working with a personal trainer and they sold the bars at their workout facility. I liked that I was full after eating them and they were not to sweet. They also have much needed protein. I used to buy during the roadshows at Costco but they stopped bringing the flavors I enjoy most so I order directly from Nugo AND can use still get Costco pricing!! Chocolate Banana are the best!!!

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      Congrats Jennifer! You won a NuGo Dark T-Shirt! Email your address and shirt size to

  • michelle m

    Being the health nut that I am I would frequently try nutrition bars. After trying bar after bar I stumbled upon Nugo dark. I am a dark chocolate fanatic and instantly fell in love with the taste of Nugo dark Chocolate chip and mocha bars. They are filled with amazing nutrients and ACTUALLY taste good too! I have been hooked since day 1 and have been eating them and sharing them with friends and family since. It is seriously the best tasting bar out there and I look forward to my Nugo Dark bars as snacks or meals every day!

  • Tracy Casper Lang

    I went to the snack bar at ABC, where I worked, and wanted something more filling than candy. I tried my first NuGo bar (Chocolate Blast) and I was hooked. I now buy them by the boxful, and each member of my family has a favorite flavor!

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      We would love to see a photo of NuGo at the ABC snack bar.

  • Debby

    I was at the whole foods in Cleveland looking for a bar without soy, dairy and gluten. I was excited to see these bars not only are the ingredients good but they taste fantastic. The only problem is I live an hour away from the whole foods and the places near me that carry the bars do not carry the one without soy. I wish I would bought more!!!

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      What is your zip code? Have you checked our updated store locator and clicked on the store name to see if they carry NuGO FREE?

      • Debby

        My zip code is 44406. Thanks for the info I am going to check the updated store locator. The giant eagles by me don’t carry the NUGO Free.

        • NuGo Gluten Free

          Cindy’s Health and Vitality has NuGO FREE. 56 Youngstown-Warren Rd Niles,
          OH 44446 Phone: (330) 652-8284

  • Michelle

    I had read on a message board that the Mint Chocolate Chip tasted just like the Girl Scout’s Thin Mint Cookies…it did not disappoint! In fact, it was better! I have been hooked since! Thank you for such delicious gluten free yumminess!

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      Congrats Michelle! You won a NuGo Dark T-Shirt! Email your address and shirt size to

  • Tim Jorgensen

    I was hungry while working at H-E-B and needed a quick snack. I picked up a nugo and enjoyed it very much. It was tasty and satisfying.

  • Stefanie

    I first bought the Nugo bars because I was looking for a bar that had healthy ingredients and came in great flavors. From my first bite, I was hooked and became a regular buyer because they are a healthy bar that is delicious.

  • Terri Helsel-Kremer

    I bought my first NuGo Bar after finding out I had an gluten allergy. Try to find bars that don’t have wheat in them wasn’t easy till I found you guys!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Valerie

    i bought my first nugo bars because I saw them in a magazine and thought the dark chocolate pretzel with seasalt sounded delicious! then, found out they were made in my hometown of Pittsburgh and just had to have them — found them online, but was even more excited to find them down here in Maryland! LOVE NUGO Dark!!!!! :)

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      Great story! Which magazine did you see NuGo in and when?

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      Congrats Valerie! You won a NuGo Dark T-Shirt! Email your address and shirt size to

  • Carmen Orta

    I bought my first nugo bar because I needed something quick and nutritious to eat at work. I have been buying 2 cases at a time ever since. thanks.

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      Congrats Carmen! You won a NuGo Dark T-Shirt! Email your address and shirt size to

  • Miriam Peromsik

    I was searching the web for parve (non-dairy) chocolate with kosher supervision and found Nugo Dark — it being a protein bar was a huge bonus! We quickly ordered a box to taste them and have been “hooked” ever since.

  • Jennifer

    I was looking for a dairy free protein bar at Kroger and bought the nugo dark chocolate chocolate chip. Loved it! Was buying the cases from, but they seem to stop selling it. :(

    • NuGo Gluten Free

      You can always order on our website. In the summer, other websites temporarily stop shipping them because they don’t offer special cool shipping, like we do on our website to try to prevent the REAL Dark Chocolate from melting.

  • Fareed

    I was at a store and wanted to try something new.. I picked nugo and it was great

  • phil switzer

    3 of my children have Celliacs Disease … as a family we have tried many different bars for them to have and carry with them to school and sporting events etc … they all claim NuGo is thier favorite … I eat them because they are tasty

  • Kate

    At wholefoods one day looking for something with really low sugar and no fake sweeteners. Dark chocolate and raspberries? Sold.

  • jeanette

    My daughter has a very restricted diet due to medical issues. I am constantly reading labels and looking for good tasting foods. Nugo bars are a fantastic find!!

  • CD

    High Protein, low sugar, affordable and loved the taste. My fav – Brownie Crunch :)