We at NuGo have long considered ourselves a family, be it a family of products or developing products for the entire family. And we pride ourselves on being a family friendly work environment. Now we will get the chance to express ourselves through a direct and meaningful program.

CAP: Children’s Alopecia Project


There are many charities a company could support but, when one of your own is in need there really is no choice. Alexi was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 5 and lost her hair at age 6. Alexi lost her hair, but she has not lost her determination, her energy and her love of life. She is a spirited young woman who will make her mark in this world.

Alexi is the daughter of Michele and Joe. Michele has been with NuGo since our first product was manufactured. We can all thank Alexi and family for enthusiastically taste testing our products.

We learned about the excellent work of CAP through Michele, Joe and their family. The Children’s Alopecia Project is the only non-profit devoted specifically to all forms of the incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, Alopecia. Their mission is to help any child in need who is living with this life altering disease. Their goal is to build the self-esteem in children so they become stronger teens and more productive adults and become the advocates of tomorrow.

To learn more about the disease and the organization please visit their website.

We hope you will proudly support our mission to donate a generous portion of the sale of NuGo products to CAP.