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Coach Levi

“Insanely delicious!! It’s a very sweet bar, in a good way. Not overly sweet, not artificially sweet. More like, real caramel sweet. It’s so good! The best part is that you get real textures, one of which is pretzel. This is probably the best tasting protein bar I’ve ever had!” Bodybuilding

“The nutritional profile of the bars is good, but what stands out the most is the taste. Each of the four flavors, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, caramel cluster and peanut cluster tasted like candy bars.” and Gluten-Free is Life 

“The Caramel Pretzel is my favorite…the perfect combination of sweet and salty. What a perfect way to refuel after a tough workout!”

Vegan NuGO Slim

Daria McDermott – NuGO Slim Non-Dairy EspresSOoooo GoodVeganNuGOSlim

In summary, go buy some of these bars!  REAL dark chocolate.  Espresso (among other flavors, but this is now my favorite!).  Protein and fiber-packed.  LOW sugar.  No FAKE ingredients.  No fillers.  No artificial sweeteners.  Crunchy, chocolate, yumminess.”

Living Learning Eating

I liked the crunchy bits in the bars and thought the dark chocolate paired excellently with the espresso in the Espresso bar. These don’t taste artificial at all, they’re a real treat!

The Sweet Life with Ericka

In addition to being a serious dark chocoholic, I also love espresso and peanut butter (the two I got to try) so you can only imagine my happiness.
The conclusion? For dark chocolate lovers who also care about healthy eating, NuGO bars are the way to go.”

Trim Down, Tighten Up

They definitely warded off my hunger, keeping me full until lunch time!  Although they tasted like dessert, there’s nothing unhealthy about these bars.”

Blissful Britt

This flavor I loved. I have a hard time saying no to anything with PB. 17g of protein and 7g of fiber. These bars are great. Best part is that the ingredient list is decipherable and they are vegan friendly.”

Nutrition Twins

Our favorite thing about NuGO is they are the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles: Kosher, gluten-free, organic, vegan, non-dairy, low sugar, high fiber, and more. We didn’t realize that there are no FDA standards for dark chocolate, causing consumers to be deceived by misleading labels on chocolate protein bars.”

Run Kelli Run


Healthy Stuff Reviews

Seriously, this bar tasted a lot like my secret favorite candy bar:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

The Run Within

What I did find impressive was the fact that these bars did not have that nasty fake sugar, protein bar taste that many have. Instead, it tasted like either expresso beans covered in chocolate or chocolate covered peanuts.”

Kaitlin Cooks

 “I love that they are really filling and yummy for under 200 calories.”

Blondes Have More Run

“They definitely warded off my hunger, keeping me full until lunch time! Although they tasted like dessert, there’s nothing unhealthy about these bars.”


“First up, I tried the crunchy peanut butter by crumbling it up and putting it over a bowl of plain greek yogurt. The result? It was awesome! I always add something crunchy (like oats or puffed wheat) on top of my greek yogurt, so this was a great choice. It was crunchy and added a sweetness to my bowl (without the added sugar).”

NuGO Slim - High Praise for NuGO Slim

I felt satisfied when I was finished with these bars and they held me over until my next meal, which is not an easy task. With all of the running & training that I currently do, I am always eating. Snacks that don’t have protein and fiber in them don’t hold me over and I find myself hungry again in the next hour.”

Fervent Foodie - The Magic Spell in NuGO Slim

What’s ASTOUNDING about these bars is the taste. Apparently the folks at NuGo concocted some sort of magic spell that makes 2 grams of sugar sufficient without the need for fake sugars or sugar alcohols.

Let me repeat. These bars taste GREAT and they only have 2g of sugar. Real sugar, not the fake crap. My world has been rocked.”

Gluten Free Bloggers Love NuGO Slim (Reviews from Gluten-Free Cat, Nosh – The Gluten-Free Kosher Critic, The Gluten-Free Traveller, and the Delicate Place)

Gluten Freeways

Many protein bars are often full of sugar and are meant more for bodybuilders than a runner like me, but with only 2 grams of sugar in NuGo Slims I feel comfortable adding them to a post-workout routine. NuGo Slim bars also excise maltitol and artificial sweetener for real dark chocolate in a bar that is really an enjoyable snack.”

Spark People

Each Raspberry Truffle Bar has only 180 calories and 17g of Protein. There is 7g of Fiber and only 2g of Sugar! NICE and the Raspberry taste is great! It is ther perfect afternoon snack for me within my Snack Budget and great with a nice coffee! WOOHOO!!!”

Thrive Personal Fitness

I’m always looking for good protein bars to recommend to my clients. Recently, I discovered another winner-NuGo Slim.”

Be Free For Me

With NuGo Slim Bars I can have my chocolate… and enjoy every single delicious bite…. Guilt free!

Fit Bottomed Girls

The NuGo Slim bar knocked our socks off in the taste department.”

Eating for Excellence

The real dark chocolate is unbelievably rich and satisfying and it’s certainly what made these bars stand out to me.  The perfect palette cleanser! What amazed me most was the fact that they could taste so delicious and still have great nutritional benefits. The Raspberry Truffle was out of this world.  I absolutely recommend these bars!

Cara’s Cravings 

NuGo bars have a filling somewhere between crisp and smooth, and rich and chocolatey – just what I was hoping for. Unexpectedly, the chocolate raspberry has been my favorite (I usually prefer chocolate-nut or pure chocolate flavors) which was a nice surprise!

The Hot Plate

NuGO SLIM had to be our number one! The flavour was impeccable and there was no after taste thanks to their mission to create bars free from artificial sweeteners. Instead they dip the bars into a decadent dark chocolate coating which adds just 2g of sugar, but a whole lot of goodness! Plus, the 15g of protein make it the perfect option for busy food lovers on the fly that don’t want to waste time reading every label to find something gluten free. Whether you are traveling, working out or just hungry this bar will curb those cravings and keep you satisfied.”

Shanna Like Banana

The brownie flavor is my fave with the roasted peanut a close second.”

Giveaway Hog

Like the Raspberry truffle it was chewy, and full of flavor. I couldn’t even detect that it was a nutritious bar. That’s how yummy it was.

Little Food Court

I’ve tried other similar bars on the market, like ThinkThin, but I have to admit, I really liked these a whole lot better. Although they have 5 grams less protein, the taste of the NuGo Slim just agrees with me more. The bars are made with no artificial sweeteners and there’s no strange after taste (yuck!). Just lots of delicious chocolate flavor!

Gluten-Free Recipe Box

Wow! For being low in sugar, these bars are fantastic!

Three Apples a Day - The Healthiest Snack Bars 

Rich, dark chocolate with bits of raspberry. These are for chocolate-lovers!

Coffee, Cake, and Cardio 

I am SO excited because my favorite nutrition bars are now at Whole Foods in DC.  NuGo, who makes a variety of bars also has a line of NuGo Slim bars, which are fantastic!”


How do they taste? DIVINE! So. Good.”

Seventeenth and Irving 

Who doesn’t love chocolate + peanut butter? The taste is just like a nice candy bar without all that cardboard texture like most protein bars have. You’ll actually find yourself craving these.”

A Modern Guide to Staying Sane Without Grain

I recommend these bars without a doubt, especially if you have a sweet tooth!

Forty Something and Fit 

If you haven’t heard of these yet you can thank me later. I’ve been searching for a low sugar lower carb natural high protein bar that wasn’t full of crap and/or expensive for what seems like eons.”

Gluten-Free Boston Girl

“The Brownie Crunch was by far my favorite. I loved the dark chocolate slightly sweet, slightly bitter taste, and the crunchiness from the almond filling. It was divine.”

Losing Weight Kelli Bliss

“Great chocolate taste with rice crispy like pieces mixed in for the oh so crispy crunch! It hit the taste of a brownie right on, I can’t believe how good it tasted! It was so much better than a brownie though! Stopped my sweet craving dead in it’s tracks, really did the trick and tasted amazing.”

Kaisy Daisy’s Corner

“I have found some great tasting dark chocolate protein snacks called NuGO Slim. There are lots of protein bars out there but they don’t all taste good and have funny after taste.”

NuGo Dark

XC Foodie (Dark Chocolate Pretzel) NuGoDark3

The best part of this is that the sea salt granules are visibly sprinkled on top and you can actually enjoy the taste and texture of the salt at the same time as the sweet, creamy chocolate melts in your mouth. It’s made with soy protein and natural sugars so it’s a winner in the ingredients department as far as a protein bar goes.”

Kosher Eye - Product of the Week

NuGo is one of our favorite finds from the summer Fancy Food Show. In addition to their nutritional benefits, the bars taste delicious and are made with real dark chocolate. NuGo offers a large variety of kosher nutrition bars in numerous flavors and with various benefits, but we especially like the dark chocolate line because they are OU parve (dairy–free).

Don’t (White) Sugar Coat It

Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt rocked my socks off after a define body class. The sea salt was something you never see in a protein bar, and it definitely enhanced the flavor.”

The Sweet Life

If you are a fan of the salty, sweet combo, the salted pretzel flavor will be your absolute favorite!

Healthy, Happy Whole 

The Dark Chocolate Pretzel is literally like heaven in a wrapper. In fact, any flavor I have tried has been fabulous

The Silver Pen

Well, let me tell you about my major treat every single day: the NuGo Mint Chocolate Chip protein bar. They taste like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Oh yes they do.”

Yummy Plants

These vegan snack bars are chocolatey, chewy, and extremely filling.  I originally discovered these super yummy NuGo Nutrition bars at the Pittsburgh airport, and then realized they are widely distributed in grocery stores, health food stores, and lucky for me, airports across the country.”

Treats with a Twist

I loved the Chocolate Pretzel bar, because I am a salty/sweet addict. It is made with real dark chocolate (not that fake strange “chocolate” substitute that leaves a weird after-taste).

Artificially Balanced

Seriously, Nugo bars are my new favorite food/thing in the world. The first one I tried was the chocolate pretzel with sea salt when I was upstate over the weekend and I literally had to hold back tears this thing was so good. It seems that something that good could never be healthy, but they are definitely Jen(that’s me) approved. Every bite had a touch of sea salt and if you are crazy about salty/sweet combo’s, these will swoon you.

Body by Liz 

Nugo bars are HUGE !! Way bigger than balance bars, zone bars…theyre about the size of a Luna bar entirely covered in a coat of dark chocolate. But the center is made of these really yummy protein crisps, instead of some icky protein blend paste that’s supposed to look like cookie dough or carrot cake or key lime pie. They are SO satisfying.

Just Audrey - Snacks and Treats for Vegans on the Go 

The Mint Chocolate Chip was my favorite. I’m not usually a huge mint-chocolate fan, but something about this bar just made it really tasty. It reminded me of a peppermint patty!”

Juicing and Raw Foods – NuGo Nutrition Bars Will Blow You Away

I’ve tried a number of energy bars and health bars over the years and none of them taste as good as the NuGo bars. Most protein bars taste like ..something I can’t post and a few like Tiger’s Milk have been just decent. The Nugo bars are so good that all other brands have a lot to worry about.”

Nutrition Fixation (Mint Chocolate Chip)

Their greatest accomplishment however, is that my husband likes them, which for those who don’t know, my husband is the pickiest eater on the planet!Overall grade: A

Healthy Voyager 

How many times do you reach for a protein bar to stave off hunger or give you a boost only to be super disappointed or grossed out by its chalky flavor or yucky texture? Well, NuGo Nutrition bars will change all of that! Great flavors with vegan and gluten free options that almost make you feel guilty for eating them they’re so good! Great tasting and good for you.

Gluten-Free is Life 

While I love these new flavors, I adore the Dark Chocolate Pretzel and Dark Chocolate Mint.  I know what to ask Santa to put in my stocking this year!

One of the reasons I like the NuGo Dark line so much is because NuGo Nutrition uses real dark chocolate as opposed to fake dark chocolate made from vegetable oils.”

Gluten-Free is Life (Chocolate Pretzel)

I literally inhaled this bar!!  It has just moved to the top of my list for protein bars!  (Mint Chocolate Chip)

Let me be the first to tell you that this bar was nothing short of fantastic!  I was absolutely giddy after taking my first bite!

What makes NuGo Nutrition stand out from the rest?  Real chocolate.”

Big City Vegan (Vegan Airport Food)

My favorite Nugo bars are mocha, chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip.”

Mama Loves Her Bargains

The combination of the sweet and crunchy filling, the dark decadent chocolate and the amazing sea salt is something I will never get sick of.”

CT Working Moms

My personal favorite flavor is the chocolate pretzel with sea salt. So freaking good.”

Fat Gay Vegan - NuGo for it!

Svelte Healthy

I was at a wedding this labor day weekend and in the “goody bag” were a few NuGo Bars… among the other ones I’ve tried I must say the Dark Chocolate Pretzel is my favorite.”

Fit Tip Daily

“Chocolate Pretzel has got to be THEE BEST gluten free, dairy free bar on the market!!! If you have allergies (or even if you don’t) then find this bar and try it out!!!”

Jessie Loves to Run

Chocolate Pretzel w/ sea salt: Favorite!! First one I tried, and I completely fell in love. The flavor is right on & you can literally see specs of sea salt throughout the whole bar.”

Jessi’s Gluten-Free World

“I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip — think Girl Scout cookie! — and Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt — it’s a gluten-free pretzel!!”

Running in Heels

“An extra bonus? It tastes a lot like a Thin Mint cookie.. and I am a Thin Mint cookie monster.”

Nutty About Health

Mint Chocolate Chip: Ok, hands down, this was my absolute favorite!! It was SO good!! It was crunchy & crisp with sweetness from the chocolate & the hint of mint after. Think of a Thin Mint Cookie – yummy!!! If you’re a mint & chocolate lover, check this one out!! I really, really, want more of this flavor!”

Mary’s Cup of Tea

“Let’s start with my very favorite, the Mocha Chocolate. If you love the taste of chocolate and coffee mixed together, then this will be your favorite also!”

Veggie Food Lover

“Remember Thin Mint Cookies? You know…those addictive little cookies that the Girl Scouts tempt you with every year? Well, they were my favorite back when I could eat them. And I’ve been without them for two years now. Two long years. Well, I can honestly say that the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar reminds me of what a Thin Mint Cookie tasted like.”

My Crafty Zoo

“The bars we tried were really good. Even though we aren’t huge fans of dark chocolate, the rich flavor was hard to resist.”

Vegan Gluten-Free Heaven

“I just love their Chocolate Pretzel with sea salt bar! Its dangerously addictive!”


NuGO FREE: A Hit with Bloggers (Links to reviews from many bloggers)

Goodie Goodie Gluten Free (Dark Chocolate Trail Mix)

I found a new bar called NuGo Free, not only gluten-free and certified, but kosher (OU Pareve) too.  Also Vegan, Dairy-Free and Soy Free.  The Cashier hadn’t tried them yet, so I only got one.  And boy, I wish I had stocked up!  SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD

Gluten Free Mike (Dark Chocolate Trail Mix)

It was an interesting mix of rice protein crisps, brown rice, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and walnuts.  As if that was not enough throw in a coating of rich dark chocolate and you have granola bar kismet.  The bar is just sweet enough to satiate your sweet tooth without being too sugary and the seeds and nuts are the perfect contrast to the chocolate coating.”

Living with Healthy Hunger

And the Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bar. Also gluten, soy, and dairy free + 9g of protein. The flavor and texture of this bar is so delicious. It reminded me of a real candy bar, but without a list of 30+ unreadable ingredients.”

The Nourishing Homemaker 

The trail mix bar is a delicious blend of rice crisps, nuts and dried fruit.  My mouth is watering as I type.”

Veggie Food Lover (Dark Chocolate Trail Mix)

Every ingredient something I recognize.  No chemical names.  Nothing that screams cancer-causing badness either.  Just wholesome good food…wrapped up in a vegan and gluten-free treat.”

I devoured it if that is any indication.  Honestly…amazing flavor.  Every bite had a little bit of salty-sweet to it.  It kept the palate interested.  And I kept going back for another bite…savoring…yet devouring.  It was the perfect snack.”

Go Mama Go

We found the BEST gluten, dairy and soy free nutrition bars that are just perfect for a quick breakfast or snack.”

The Gluten Dairy Egg Free Life (Dark Chocolate Crunch)

I also keep a stash at work just in case I need a pick me up, especially since it contains chocolate–hello?!? I would definitely recommend this bar for those who are traveling or need a mid-day snack!


“I’ve found my favorite NuGo… I bring Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Trail Mix with me everywhere. I have a box in my cart, a few in my gym bag, at the office, my brother’s house, stuffed in jacket pockets and camel back for outdoor adventures.”

Hugs ‘n Kitchen (Trail Mix)

“I would definitely recommend these bars, and now have been noticing them in some other fun places like my neighborhood’s local coffee shop. What a great find!”

NuGO Organic

Dallas Vegan

The coating is thick, not what you would expect in a bar also wanting to be healthy – which accounts for its satisfying taste. The Organic Dark Chocolate Almond is one of my favorites in the Organic line.”

Vegan Outlooks

NuGO Organic – Dark Chocolate Almond: Out of all six bars I have tried this one was the winner in my eye. It had a nostalgic taste of a childhood candy that I have yet to pinpoint. The dark chocolate and the almond taste really complement each other and with each bite I was doing a happy wiggle in my seat. Would I eat it again? I might just go out and get a whole box…or two.”

Music and Mommies

Although I certainly have no objections to chocolate in any form I must say the real winner was the Pomegranate. The dark chocolate and the fruit flavored splendor mixed together in such a way that it teased my pallet.”

Mama on a Green Mission

I absolutely loved the Double Dark Chocolate bar! The chocolate on these bars is amazing and doesn’t taste waxy like on some other bars I have tried.”


It tasted more like a candy bar than a nutrition bar. You know what it reminded me of? Remember Whatchamacallit’s?

Style of Sport

“Covered in real dark chocolate, you might wonder how this bar can be good for you, but this USDA certified organic bar is rich in antioxidants and packed with all natural ingredients, soy protein, vitamins and minerals. NuGO Organic bars are sweetened with agave syrup, are vegan and Kosher, and are very satisfying.” (Double Dark Chocolate)

Overall I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it so much

Jenmi Jenmi 


Reviews of Several NuGo Bars

Great Reviews of NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate Protein Bars (Links to reviews from Chocolate Covered Diamonds, Beauty and Balance by Baynes, Shosh and the City, The Candy Fan, and more)

Gluten-Free Travel Site (Dark, Slim, and FREE)

Our absolute favorite — hands down — was the Chocolate Pretzel. At first bite, it was a surprise…I was not expecting the saltiness. But the addition of sea salt to the pretzel and chocolate combination is pure heaven. We cannot keep these bars in our house…they are virtually gone within a day or two of buying them, as all four of us fight over them and “keep track” of our supply!

U Rock Girl  (Dark and Slim)

I’ve tried all of the flavors in the NuGo Dark line as well as the NuGo Slim line and they all rock! Our official taste testers found the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Pretzel flavors in the Dark line to be our favorites, with Peanut butter cup a close third, while the Brownie Crunch in the Slim line was our favorite.”

NuGo at the Third Annual Healthy Living Summit (Links to reviews from many bloggers)

Food Review 101 (vegan Dark, Organic, and FREE)

The bars all taste great, they only use healthy ingredients, and the bars actually taste better than actual chocolate bars.”

Veggie Fitness (Dark and FREE)

I tried a dark chocolate mint one and also a dark chocolate crunch soy free dairy free protein bar, would buy them both again with no hesitation. The big plus about NuGo’s chocolate options is that they are made with real dark chocolate.”

Sweat=Success (Slim, Organic, and FREE)

Shanna Like Banana

Fitness Trends Examiner

The Green Connoisseur

Second Chances (Dark and Slim)