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Naturally Gluten-Free Snacks

If you need to eat gluten-free, the good news is that there are many healthy foods that are naturally gluten-free, including fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy products, and gluten-free grains. Checkout this list of 25 Naturally Gluten-Free Snacks. Trail mix and dark chocolate are included in the list. Dark chocolate, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and almonds make a delicious combination in NuGO FREE Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bars, which are made from 100% natural ingredients.

NuGo 10 is another great option for a nutritious natural snack. With only 3 nuts, 3 fruits and 4 seeds, you are sure to be energized after eating this healthy bar. For more gluten-free snack ideas, visit the Gluten-Free Mommy blog. What are your favorite naturally gluten-free snacks?

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