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What Can You Make with NuGo Wrappers?

Look at this impressive gift we received from a big NuGo fan. She ate many NuGo bars and used the wrappers to make a fantastic change purse! She is a huge fan of NuGo Family Chocolate and NuGo Dark bars. She wrote in a lovely note, “I am addicted and must eat one as soon as I get up each day.” We are amazed by her creativity and love how much she adores NuGo!

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Valentine’s Day Contest Winners

We received so many great poems, stories, songs, and photos showing your love for NuGo protein bars that it was hard to pick the winners. While we didn’t receive any videos, we did receive one amazing drawing from Christoff Gutheil, an artist, that wins the prize of four boxes of NuGo bars!

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NuGO Slim on the Today Show

Watch this great video of NuGO Slim on the Today Show. Joy Bauer, the Today Show Nutrition Expert, featured NuGO Slim in Curb Your Cravings with Healthy Alternatives. We are very proud that Joy recommends NuGO Slim Brownie Crunch to satisfy chocolate cravings and appreciates that it only has 2 grams of sugar from REAL Dark Chocolate! In addition to the delicious taste, Joy likes that it has all-natural ingredients and is high in protein.

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A Very Special Photo: NuGo Goes to Hollywood Studios

We received this photo from Michele, who has been with NuGo since our first product was manufactured. Michele’s daughter, Alexi, was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 5 and lost her hair at age 6. Alexi and her family are very special to NuGo and the reason why a generous portion of NuGo sales are donated to the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP). We are proud to see in this photo that Alexi has grown into a beautiful and confident young adult. It looks like the whole family is having a great time at Hollywood Studios and enjoying their NuGo snack.

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NuGo at Summer Camp

Here is an adorable photo of kids who created their own NuGo bars. The photo was taken at a summer camp at the California University of Pennsylvania. The children learned about chocolate, ate NuGo bars for snack, and then created their own NuGo bars using a coloring sheet. Look at their colorful creations!

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Joy Bauer Loves NuGO Slim

We are so excited to hear that Joy Bauer loves NuGO Slim protein bars and recommended them to her fans. Joy is the Today Show nutrition and health expert. She is also the author of Food Cures and Your Inner Skinny. Today, Joy Bauer posted this review of NuGO Slim on her Facebook page.

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