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Fan of the Month: Whitney Sargent

In the summer of 2014, Whitney Sargent was researching vegan protein bars to fit her needs and tried NuGo bars for the first time. Since then, she learned that she is gluten intolerant and has become a self-proclaimed “fan for life” of NuGo Dark. Whitney is pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy at the University of New England, where she is captain of the Equestrian Team. She is also very active in the gym (lifting and cardio) to help supplement her riding fitness.

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10 Tips for Dining Out with Diabetes

You have diabetes, and you are like going out to eat at restaurants. If you are like many Americans, you may even dine out a few times per month. Eating out is one of life’s pleasures, and at the same time, can put a real wrench in your eating plan. Meals eaten at restaurants tend to be higher in sugar, sodium, fat and calories than meals prepared and eaten at home.

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What Is the Glycemic Index?

A healthy approach to eating is important for everyone, and especially for those who live with diabetes and pre-diabetes. In this case, appropriate monitoring and management of diet is enormously important. There are meal-planning moves you can make to help keep diabetes under control, or avoid it all together.

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Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

We're treating ourselves to Cauliflower Buffalo Wings for a healthier Super Bowl party this year. They're gluten-free, low carb, and vegan, and so delicious that even meat-lovers will be asking for seconds.

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8 Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions

Like so many Americans, you may be planning to make some changes in the New Year. Perhaps you are embarking on a new exercise program, or you would like to try some new foods. Maybe you would like to establish some healthier habits all the way around, for the ultimate goal of better managing your diabetes and living a more energized life. Either way, the formation of new habits takes time, a bit of trial and error, and best of all…successful change. Here are a few steps to guide you to success in your 2015 endeavors.

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13 Diabetes Facts to Share

These alarming statistics show the harsh reality of the diabetes epidemic. Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in preventing type 2 diabetes. Together, we can fight diabetes by spreading awareness, so that in 35 years, 1 in 3 Americans won’t have diabetes!

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