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Where can I find your bars in my neighborhood?

Enter your zip code in our store locator to find a store near you.

What is my password/log in?

If you have forgotten your password or log in name, you can either create a new account or order without logging on. You are not required to be logged on to place an order.

How does NuGo ensure our products are Gluten-Free?

The FDA standard for labeling a product gluten-free is testing to ensure it contains less than 20ppm of gluten. At NuGo, all bars that say gluten-free on the label have been batch tested to below 10ppm, a stronger standard than the FDA requires. We manage allergens strictly during manufacturing, and all shared equipment is heat treated and cleaned before use with our gluten-free products in order for us to maintain the highest standard to ensure the products test below 10ppm.

Can you provide coupons or free samples?

When we are sampling our bars through retail chains, we post information on our community section, Facebook page or Twitter feed. If you would like online coupons please sign up for our Newsletter by selecting the envelope in our navigation.

Do I need to order a whole box? Can’t I just try one?

We offer sample packs for customers who are interested in trying several different bars. Our online Sample Packs are just $6 or $7 for 2-3 bars depending on which one you pick.

How much does shipping cost?

When ordering online within the continental US, ground shipping charges are calculated directly from the UPS. Pricing is based on your location and can be accessed as you check out.

When should I expect my package?

Because we ship UPS and Fedex, we have to say 7 to 10 days. We have two shipping points in the US, so it usually comes much faster.

What is the cool shipping option NuGo offers?

NuGo makes our bars with unadulterated products, including chocolate. REAL Dark Chocolate is temperature sensitive and will melt without climate-controlled shipping. For more information on our commitment to pure ingredients and use of REAL Dark Chocolate, please see the NuGo Difference.

In the hotter months of summer, we offer temperature-sensitive, cool shipping for an additional $6 per box. This cool shipping is not guaranteed but does help in preventing the chocolate from melting.

The following bars do not contain chocolate and therefore do NOT require cool shipping:

Vanilla Yogurt

Orange Smoothie

NuGo Free Carrot Cake

Smarte Carb (made with sugar free milk chocolate)

Where do you ship?

NuGo ships to all US states. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is done via the US Postal Service. If you would like to ship to any of these areas or internationally, please call our office between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST at 1-888-421-2032 to obtain accurate US Postal Service shipping information. Shipping to Canada can be done by going to or clicking on the Canadian Flag on our home page.

Do you ship to FPO/APOs?

We will ship to FPO/APOs; however, UPS shipping service is not available to these locations. Shipping to FPO/APOs will be done using priority mail, which includes tracking. We do not ship packages using space-available mail. If you would like to have an order shipped to an FPO/APO, please call us at 1-888-421-2032.

Are NuGo Bars Non-GMO?

Read about our Non-GMO commitment.

Is there anything else we can help you with?

Please contact us with questions.

Pick up NuGo at a location near you.

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