NuGo Slim

Real Dark Chocolate. Real Delicious.

without using maltitol…that is the NuGO SLIM difference.

For years our customers have told us that they wanted a low sugar, high protein snack without the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols found in so many other diet products. This is why we created NuGO Slim, the revolutionary low sugar bar! It contains REAL dark chocolate and no maltitol, a sugar alcohol that causes gastric distress and a bad aftertaste.

At NuGo, we wanted to give our customers an all-natural option without sacrificing taste – so we sweetened NuGO Slim with a natural dietary fiber, chicory root. Then, we dipped NuGO Slim in Real Dark Chocolate which only adds 2-3g of sugar, but makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the taste.

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See How NuGo Slim Stacks Up Against Other Brands:

How Slim Stacks Up Against Other Brands

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Why NuGO Slim is a superb choice for people with diabetes.

What others are saying about NuGo Slim:

"Healthy Food Find! NuGo Slim nutrition bars. My 'tasters' and I liked all 3 flavors (Brownie Crunch, Roasted Peanut, Raspberry Truffle) but Brownie Crunch was my favorite by far it has a nice dark chocolate flavor. As you can see, they have a nice amount of protein, plus they're very low in sugar and have no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols."   - Joy Bauer, Today Show Nutrition Expert

"What's ASTOUNDING about these bars is the taste. Apparently the folks at NuGo concocted some sort of magic spell that makes 2 grams of sugar sufficient without the need for fake sugars or sugar alcohols. Let me repeat. These bars taste GREAT and they only have 2g of sugar. Real sugar, not the fake crap. My world has been rocked."   - Mary, Fevert Foodie Blog

"I've found a gluten-free product that meets all of my personal nutritional and taste requirements. The only thing that could make this product better is if it didn't have a wrapper, and it sprouted from a NuGo tree."   - Heather, Gluten-Free Cat Blog

".. A gluten free bar with 2 COUNT EM 2 grams of sugar! No malitol or artificial sweeteners either! It's real dark chocolate and that's it! Perfect hint of sweetness satisfaction right here in my mouth."   - Melissa, The Delicate Place Blog

"I love that these have a high amount of fiber, and protein, but don't have a lot of other junk - and are coated in real dark chocolate. Love! I'll definitely be ordering more!"   - Shosh, Shosh and the City Blog