NuGo Family: For Every Diet

NuGo bars offer the entire family balanced nutrition. Our company goal is to provide you and your family a sensible healthy snack that tastes sensational. NuGo bars are low in saturated fat, do not contain hydrogenated oils, cholesterol or trans fatty acids. NuGo bars are fortified with a compliment of vitamins and minerals.

The first ingredient is soy protein. Soy helps protect against heart disease and is important for improving bone health. The bars have 11 grams of protein.

NuGo has a mouth watering crispy taste. All bars start as a dough, we lightly bake NuGo giving it a lighter bakery style texture. Most nutrition bars are uncooked dough packed into wrappers resulting in a bad taste. We use real milk chocolate coatings not chocolaty compound alternatives that taste waxy.

Choose from six NuGo flavors.