NuGo High Protein Bars

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Don’t feel trapped by bland snacks! Even if you are sensitive to gluten or soy, you can still be free to enjoy delicious, healthy snacks. The NuGO Free® line has three delicious flavors that are gluten-free, certified vegan, and have no soy ingredients.

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NuGO Free is a delicious snack for people with food intolerances to gluten, soy, and dairy. No more squinting at the ingredients list to find out if a bar is safe to eat. If it says NuGO Free on the front, enjoy it with confidence.

  • NuGO Free contains no gluten or soy, just 9g of protein and delicious, wholesome ingredients to keep you satisfied.

  • NuGO Free is also cruelty-free. Every bar in the line is certified vegan by Vegan Action.

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