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Don’t let your fast-paced lifestyle negatively impact your health. When you keep a NuGO Slim close by, you can say good-bye to unhealthy alternatives and artificial sweeteners and say hello to decadent, melt-in-your-mouth REAL Dark Chocolate flavor. With its low sugar, high fiber, and other low glycemic ingredients, NuGO Slim is also the perfect protein bar for those who need to monitor their blood sugar. Only 5-6g of net carbs and tested to have a glycemic index of 24!

  • Low Sugar High Protein Bars

    With only 2–3g of sugar, NuGO Slim provides a flavorful alternative to sweets, covered in decadent REAL Dark Chocolate.

  • High Protein Bars Without Maltitol

    Maltitol can cause bloating and gastric discomfort. That’s why you’ll never find it in any of our NuGO Slim bars.

  • High Protein Bars

    With 15–17g of protein in every bar, NuGO Slim high protein bars give you sustained energy.

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