NuGo High Protein Bars

Serious athletes need serious fuel.

No matter how you choose to stay in shape, NuGO Stronger® will give you the energy to keep going. With 25–27g of rBGH-free protein and no artificial hormones, NuGO Stronger will help take your workout to the next level and be the best training partner you’ve ever had.

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More protein. Less sugar. No excuses.

Packed with 25g or more of non-GMO protein, NuGO Stronger is the perfect training partner. Grab one before you hit the gym for sustained energy or enjoy one after your workout to aid in quick muscle recovery.

  • High Protein Nutrition Bars

    Build muscle and get explosive energy with ultra-pure, premium-grade whey protein.

  • Hormone Free Bars

    Our high-quality, rBGH hormone-free whey protein provides nothing but the best results.

  • Soy Free Protein Bars

    If you’re sensitive to soy, NuGO Stronger is the protein solution for you. No soy.* Just taste.

  • * Cookies ‘N Cream contains soy lecithin.

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