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5 Stress-Busting Tips

5StressBustingTipsFind out how you can reduce stress with an active lifestyle and simple changes in your routine. NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate protein bars are one part of a healthy and active lifestyle that may reduce stress and increase overall wellness.

1. Exercise Your Right—To Exercise!

This one should come as no surprise—exercise is an important part of any lifestyle, and when it comes to reducing stress, its benefits are second to none. Regularly breaking a sweat with your preferred exercise method improves mood with the rush of endorphins that flood the brain during and after physical activity. Exercise is also a great way to physically release stresses that are often bottled up over the course of a day, allowing your mind a break from routine worries.

2. Meditation is powerful – Do It.  

The fact of the matter is, meditation is one of the most powerful therapies; it’s easy to do, and you do not need to be a Zen master to enjoy its benefits. People who regularly meditate generally report feelings of greater ease, mental clarity, and overall confidence than those who do not. Simply find a dark, quiet space, close your eyes, and allow your mind to wander. It’s that simple and the payoff is tremendous.

3. Create a Schedule and Stick to It.

This point could apply to any number of these tips, but is especially essential for sleep pattern regulation. It is well known that frequent interruptions to circadian rhythm can negatively impact immune response, and studies even suggest that it can have adverse effects on production of brain cells. It is very important to establish a consistent sleep schedule, in regards to both when and how long you sleep.

4. You Deserve a Reward.

Discipline is essential to any stress-conscious routine. However, it is also important to build little rewards into your routine. Recognize when you’ve done good work and have perspective on your goals—don’t lose sight of where you were then and how far you’ve come since.

5. Surround Yourself with Positivity.

It can be easy amidst the chaos of life to overlook the value of the good people and sources of positivity you have around you. Having a close friend or family member to confide in and seek positive reinforcement from can make a world of difference in your outlook. Recognize the people, or triggers, that cause you stress and (if possible) limit your time around them, in favor of spending more time around the people that support you and want you to succeed.

In Summary

Just as NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate protein bars are made to suit your individual taste and nutritional needs, stress reduction strategies must also be approached on an individual basis. Create an exercise and sleep schedule that is appropriate for your lifestyle and allow yourself access to rewards and a strong support team. Life is much sweeter with less stress.



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Read Your Labels Day: Take Photos of Unhealthy Ingredients

ReadYourLabelsDayGet the 411 on the unhealthy ingredients that may be hiding in your food by sharing photos on April 11 using the hashtag #ReadYourLabels. In addition to taking photos of the ten ingredients listed below, we encourage you to take photos of Dark Chocolate Deception.

Look for protein bar flavors that are called dark chocolate, but the ingredients list states chocolaty, chocolate flavored coating and vegetable oil, or alternative vegetable fats like palm oil, palm kernel oil, or cottonseed oil. These words mean it is made from fake chocolate! Sometimes, milk is used in fake dark chocolate.

According to Citizens for Health, who created Read Your Labels Day, these are the top ten ingredients to avoid in food.

1. High fructose corn syrup
2. Aspartame
3. Hydrolyzed protein
4. Autolyzed yeast
5. Monosodium glutamate
6. Potassium bromate
7. Brominated vegetable oil, or BVO
8. BHA and BHT
9. Trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils)
10. Artificial colors

NuGo bars do not contain any of these ingredients. Now, you have ten more reasons to feel good about eating NuGo!

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Beat Stress with Dark Chocolate and Other Healthy Foods

StressReducingApril is National Stress Awareness Month, a subject dear to our hearts, as the REAL Dark Chocolate we use to coat NuGo bars may reduce stress. It may come as little surprise that food can do wonders for improving mood; but there are special compounds in many of the foods we love that can reduce stress, lower anxiety, and increase feelings of well-being for far longer than that plate of ziti or ice cream you had on your mind! Let’s take a look at the different stress blockers below.


When we are faced with stressful situations, cortisol is released into our blood streams. This can have detrimental effects on metabolism, weaken one’s immune system, and, above all, create feelings of stress and unease. Fortunately, there are a number of common and very desirable foods that are known to mitigate these negative health factors. Dark chocolate may lower blood pressure when consumed in moderation since it is rich in antioxidant flavanoids. Dark chocolate will delight your taste buds, as any of our premium protein bars will clearly show! Another tension tamer worth keeping in your arsenal is folate, which is present in green vegetables like asparagus, spinach, and brussel sprouts.

Improved Mental Function

Is there anything more stressful than forgetting where you put your things? There’s no doubt about it—forgetfulness and absent-mindedness can send those stress levels flying.

Tap into powerful mind-boosters like essential omega-3 fatty acids found in raw walnuts and several kinds of fish, which are phenomenal for preventing memory loss and sharpening mental acuity. Theanine amino acid, which is found in standard green tea also shares many of these mental function-enhancing capabilities. And what’s more relaxing than a hot cup of tea?

Overall Wellness

Anything else to keep in mind? Think zinc! Low levels of zinc have been long associated with depression and anxiety, and it’s potential to shorten colds further strengthens the recurring relationship between immune response and mood. A wide array of fabulous foods can help you boost your zinc levels like oysters, cashews, and, once more, dark chocolate.

Consumption of B vitamin-rich foods, like avocados, spinach, and lentils for B6, is another great way to keep stress at bay, improve mental function, and feel calmer and more alert.

Have It All

Harnessing the power of food to help you keep your cool is a great and natural way to beat stress, and it has never been easier or more delicious than with NuGo Nutrition. As if dark chocolate didn’t already sell itself, the numerous stress-reducing benefits, antioxidant richness, and luscious flavor of our bars seal the deal. Use the helpful tips above to pull stress off the menu, and enjoy NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate protein bars next time you need a healthy snack that may calm your nerves.


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Dark Chocolate Deception Infographic

Share this Dark Chocolate Deception infographic, and sign the petition.



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Stop the Deception, Sign the NuGo Dark Chocolate Petition

DarkChocolateDark chocolate has several health benefits, but how “real” and how healthy is the dark chocolate you’re currently eating? You may be surprised to learn that in most cases, it’s not REAL Dark Chocolate as you’re led to believe.

Currently, the FDA only has labeling standards for milk and white chocolate. When labeling an imitation flavor milk or white chocolate, the FDA standard requires companies to use words like chocolaty and chocolate-flavored.

However, the FDA has no labeling standards when it comes to dark chocolate. Companies label dark chocolate coating without any acknowledgement that it is made with unhealthy vegetable coatings (usually palm oil) – something that would be required if the palm oil was used in milk or white chocolate.

Consequently, consumers looking for the health benefits and taste of REAL Dark Chocolate can be easily deceived. You can protect against this by reading product ingredient listings and avoiding those that contain palm oil or other vegetable fats. Or, reach for a NuGo dark chocolate coated protein bar and be sure you’re getting the real thing.

So why does it matter whether the chocolate you purchase is truly REAL Dark Chocolate or an imitation? Fake dark chocolate is made by substituting vegetable fats for REAL cocoa butter. These vegetable fats are actually proven to raise bad cholesterol levels (LDL) negating the heart-healthy benefits of REAL Dark Chocolate which raises good cholesterol (HDL). Imitation products cost less to produce, yet companies are selling them at the same prices charged for real, honest-to-goodness, healthy dark chocolate — you’re overpaying for an inferior product!

REAL Dark Chocolate has an awesome taste because the chocolate flavor explodes when it melts in your mouth.  The substitution vegetable fats raise the melt point of chocolate above body temperature imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste because the fake dark chocolate did not melt in your mouth. We believe when eating dark chocolate, you should get the awesome taste and health benefits you expect.

Help us stand up for truth and quality! Sign our petition to stop dark chocolate deception. We’re collecting signatures from consumers who care about the quality of the food they eat, and taking our petition to the FDA for better labeling standards for dark chocolate.  After you sign, pass this along to your friends and educate them on dark chocolate deception as well.

Now we get to the delicious part of our article. Where can you find quality, delicious, REAL Dark Chocolate? Try one of our NuGo Dark bars. All five NuGo Dark flavors are made with real cocoa, without imitation ingredients, and are rich in antioxidants and flavor.


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