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Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Could Mean a Stronger, Healthier Heart

NuGoHeartHealthMonthIt’s February, and with Valentine’s Day here this month, we all have the health of our hearts on our mind. After all, a strong, healthy heart is capable of a stronger, healthier love.  How can we stay healthy with all of that Valentine’s chocolate that often contains unhealthy hydrogenated oil or substitutes unhealthy vegetable fat for all-natural cocoa butter? Well, there’s good news. If you eat REAL Dark Chocolate, it is good for your heart and, unlike milk and white chocolate, is full of great health benefits too.

So, what exactly are the health benefits of eating dark chocolate? For starters, dark chocolate has been proven to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, which, in turn, reduces high blood pressure. But a healthy heart and lower blood pressure aren’t the only benefits to eating dark chocolate. Cocoa, the primary ingredient in REAL Dark Chocolate, is a proven trigger to the pleasure center of the brain and raises serotonin and endorphin levels. The result? A pleasant, happy mood that some people describe as euphoric. Hey, the chocolate may be dark, but your mood doesn’t have to be!

But don’t get fooled by fake dark chocolate. Due to a lack of a FDA standard for dark chocolate, some companies are passing off fake dark chocolate made with fatty vegetable oils (usually palm oil) as being healthy dark chocolate. These fake dark chocolate coated bars may actually raise the unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels that REAL Dark Chocolate is shown to reduce.  Look in the ingredients panel – if palm oil or another vegetable oil is included in the ingredients, it is fake unhealthy chocolate.

Plus, REAL Dark Chocolate has a superior, exploding, rich, chocolate flavor, which is the result of the smooth texture cocoa butter releases when the chocolate melts in your mouth. The fake palm oil chocolate coating raises the melt point of chocolate way above body temperature, so the chocolate does NOT melt in your mouth, imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste.

Take the delicious taste and health benefits of REAL Dark Chocolate and combine it with protein, the building block of the body, and you’re on your way to a delicious and healthy NuGo bar. We have 16 different varieties coated in heart-healthy REAL Dark Chocolate, offering something for nearly every lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for gluten-free, organic, vegan, low sugar, or even a protein bar for bodybuilding, we have something for you. So, when you go to have a chocolate snack this Valentine’s Day or any day, choose healthy, decadent NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate protein bars.

Looking for a heart-healthy, REAL Dark Chocolate coated NuGo bar that fits your lifestyle? Try one of these:

5 NuGo Dark bars


5 NuGO Slim low sugar bars

1 NuGO STRONGER bodybuilding bar

2 NuGO FREE rice protein bars 

Which dark chocolate coated NuGo bar is your favorite?


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NuGo Video Contest Winners

We received so many great entries in our video contest that it was difficult to pick just one winner. It was impressive to see several fans using their creativity and sharing their passion for NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate protein bars!LakeSligerCavemanPrize

The Winner
The winner of 365 NuGo bars is Lake Sliger! Lake made an extremely fun and creative video about a caveman.

Lake told us that he is 15-years-old and was the editor, director, cinematographer, producer, and writer of the video. His brother Ridge, 17, was the lead actor, and the caveman was their 16-year-old friend, Austin.

The Runner-up
The runner-up is Melanie Mazer, who wins eight boxes of NuGo bars! Melanie made an upbeat video that uses numerous adjectives in a creative way to describe REAL Dark Chocolate.

Melanie is a sophomore at the University of Oregon, where she is majoring in Business Management. Melanie first tried NuGo bars when she was in the hospital suffering with undiagnosed gluten intolerance.

I literally couldn’t eat anything without having stomach problems and the only time I never had a stomach problem was when I ate this bar. I ended up falling in love with it (clearly my favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip).”

You can view all the entries on our YouTube playlist. A big thanks to all our loyal customers who entered! We greatly appreciate each video that we received. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and share these fun videos with your friends.


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Dark Chocolate Deception Radio Interview

Watch this great interview about Dark Chocolate Deception, which aired on Eat Drink Explore on October 6, 2013. Host Randol White interviewed Keith Rohrlick, Vice President and Co-Founder of NuGo Nutrition. Watch the video clip below or listen to the entire second hour of this intriguing show.

Eat Drink Explore airs every Sunday in California 8-10 am PDT on Krush 92.5 FM in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties and KSCO AM 1080 in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, and San Benito Counties. You can also listen on Tunein and SoundCloud.

Sign the petition to stop Dark Chocolate Deception!

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10 Dark Chocolate Facts to Share

NuGo Nutrition is the only one selling REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. Many protein bars are labeled dark chocolate, but are deceiving consumers by using unhealthy, fake chocolate flavored palm oil.

REAL Dark Chocolate is made from only cocoa beans (cocoa butter and non-fat cocoa solids). REAL Dark Chocolate tastes great because it melts below body temperature, exploding the luscious chocolate flavor in your mouth when eating.

Most other bars substitute palm oil for cocoa butter. Chocolate flavored palm oil increases the melt point of the fake chocolate way above body temperature. It doesn’t melt in your mouth, imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste, dulling the natural luscious chocolate flavor.

Without a FDA standard of identity for dark chocolate, companies can label a product ‘dark chocolate’ without using REAL Dark Chocolate ingredients!

Sign the Petition to Stop Dark Chocolate Deception, and Share These 10 Dark Chocolate Facts on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook!

Do you know what’s hiding in Dark Chocolate?

 Since no FDA standard for Dark Chocolate exists, fake chocolate can be called dark chocolate!


REAL Dark Chocolate melts in your mouth and explodes with flavor!

Yuck! Fake Dark Chocolate snacks are made from palm oil.

REAL Dark Chocolate comes only from cocoa beans (cocoa butter and non-fat cocoa solids).

Flavonoid-Rich Dark Chocolate has been shown to have many health benefits and is a superfood.

Dark Chocolate is heart-healthy (according to many research studies).

Dark Chocolate may elevate your mood.

Dark Chocolate contains more iron than beef!

Dark Chocolate may boost your workout and brain performance!


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Stop Misleading Labels on Chocolate Protein Bars: Sign Petition

Sign PetitionThere are no FDA standards for dark chocolate, causing consumers to be deceived by misleading labels on chocolate protein bars. When reading food labels, how can you tell if you are choosing healthy protein bars made with REAL chocolate? Find out what hidden ingredients are in dark chocolate protein bars and sign petition to stop dark chocolate deception!

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