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Join the FitStreak Challenge to Exercise Daily in May

Can you exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes a day for the entire month of May? We bet you can! Join the FitStreak challenge, and share your progress in social media using the hashtag #FitStreak. In addition to creating this challenge, Fitbie is sharing daily tips to help get you moving in May and keep you moving all year long.

May is National Bike Month and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Riding your bike is a great way to participate in the FitStreak challenge. NuGo is proud to sponsor the Koeles Cycling Team in Pittsburgh. Encourage your entire family to participate in the FitStreak challenge and enjoy getting fit together.




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Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Talking to an RD

MixedBerriesNutritionTwinsMarch 13 is National Registered Dietitian Day and a great time to share how seeing an RD can help you and your community! This marks the day that dietitians across the country are recognized for all their hard work in helping people to get healthier and happier. We feel so fortunate that we chose this profession—we love helping our clients to enjoy eating healthier and to reap the rewards of it. After witnessing first-hand how much we could positively affect the lives of others as registered dietitians, we set out to reach a larger audience by writing our books, Fire Up Your Metabolism, The Secret to Skinny and The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure:100 Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy and Beauty (January 2014).

As nutritionists and personal trainers, it’s important for us to incorporate all aspects of nutrition to help everyone whether it is obesity, diabetes or sports enhancement. We agree with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics top 10 reasons you should be talking to an RD today!

1. Registered Dietitians can help you plan a balanced diet if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes. It can greatly affect your diet if you aren’t careful so get the proper advice from an RD!

2. With each community hurting for more wellness programs with the obesity epidemic in America, dietitians can help get those programs started. They can help fight for backing by the government to make a difference in eating healthy and help communities become physically fit!

3. Registered dietitians can work with food scientists on new healthy foods for the local grocery stores and markets. They can phase out the bad foods or at least make them healthier for consumers to make healthier choices.

4. Dietitians specializing in sports nutrition can help you to become fit – the healthy way! You’ll see results when following and setting healthier goals!

5. Registered dietitians can help you manage meals and create a plan for you, whether you want to lose weight, become more physically fit or just had a major surgery that curbs your appetite! They are the best to talk to about this.

6. If you’re a Mom or even a Dad that just doesn’t cook and has no cooking skills, RD’s can help you find the basic culinary skills to get healthier and simple foods on your table, homemade!

7. If you’re suspecting a family member or maybe even yourself of having an eating disorder, an RD can help you overcome this challenge and help you to eat healthier again!

8. Registered dietitians can help create healthier food choices in the community whether it be a food drive or even a farmers market, they can help get the resources you need to create a large impact!

9. New moms can benefit greatly with making sure their babies are getting the adequate nutrition they need for a normal and healthy weight gain.

10. Registered dietitians can help with the elderly to make sure they are also getting the adequate nutrition they need to stay healthy, such as Meals on Wheels programs.

Now you know the many benefits to seeing an RD! There are obviously so many different ways an RD can make an impact on you personally or in the community. Don’t be afraid to find one in your local area and start asking questions to make a healthier and happier you!

About the Authors:NutritionTwins

Tammy and Lyssie Lakatos, a.k.a. The Nutrition Twins®, are twin sisters, registered dietitians and personal trainers with over a decade of experience helping thousands of clients boost their energy naturally, get healthier, happier and in tip-top shape. They have been featured as experts on major TV shows/ networks and popular press ranging from The Doctors, Good Morning America Health, Fox and Friends and Discovery Health to USA Today, Health Magazine and Vogue. They are experts and bloggers for msn’s health site, Fitbie and for the host of Dancing with the Stars Brooke Burke’s site, ModernMom.com. They are authors of Fire Up Your Metabolism (Simon and Schuster), The Secret To Skinny: How Salt Makes You Fat (HCI Books) and The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure: 100 Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy and Beauty, due out in January 2014. They live in New York City where they enjoy running and biking to keep fit as well as chasing after Tammy’s twin daughters. Follow the Nutrition Twins on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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No New Year’s Resolutions

NewYearsResolutionsErinMacdonaldGood-bye, 2012. Hello, 2013. Many people look at the starting of a new year as a metaphor for a new beginning. With what would you like a fresh start in the New Year? Are you going to make “resolutions” like everyone else? Have you made resolutions in the past, only to find that you didn’t or couldn’t achieve them? Been there, done that. It doesn’t work. This year, resolve not to make any resolutions.

We all start out the year with the best intentions. Lose weight. Eat healthier. Manage stress better. Exercise more. Save money. Improve our relationships. Sound familiar?

So why, by February 1st, have we slipped back into our old habits?

When you make a resolution, it’s usually a very large, over-reaching goal. Lose 30 pounds. How can you expect to lose 30 pounds as quickly as you want to, especially when it didn’t get put on overnight? Big goals with no game plan equal big failure. And when we fail, we beat ourselves up over it. After many years of setting up unattainable resolutions, and failing to achieve them, we’ve labeled ourselves as failures and thus have little hope for actually succeeding when we set out to try again. And yet we continue to try again. I give an “A” for effort, but unfortunately the outcome is the same because we haven’t changed the game plan and the results are the same.

Another reason we are doomed to failure is that we are very impatient. We want results and we want it NOW! That’s normal for a society of instant gratification. So, waiting for results is very difficult.

The solution? Take it slowly, be patient, and break those lofty goals into smaller, more achievable goals. Try U Rock Girl’s “Goal A Day” challenge.

You want to make changes that will last. This year will be different. You will succeed. All you need is a game plan. Here are the tools you need:

• Give yourself specific directions. Vague resolutions like “Lose weight” are doomed for failure. How are you going to do it? How many pounds? Over what time period? Do not give yourself too many options. Set focused goals, like “I will eat breakfast every day,” “Walk 20 minutes at lunchtime every day,” or “Only one glass of wine at dinner.”

• Give yourself inspiration. If your goal is to increase your strength, then find a picture of yourself when you were in better shape and tape it to the refrigerator as motivation. Make the inspiration reasonable – don’t put a picture of an elite athlete as your screen saver or you will set yourself up for frustration.

• Get motivated (and stay motivated). Take a look at the larger goal (Losing weight). Now break it down into little, attainable goals, i.e., bring lunch to work every day; drink 8 oz. water first thing in the morning; have a fruit or vegetable at every mini meal. When your goals are smaller and more easily achieved, you will feel successful. This feeling will encourage you to make more changes that will get you closer to your next mini-goal, and ultimately your big-picture goal.

Make your environments supportive of your goals. Your home and work or school are the two environments in which you spend the most time, so make sure they support the healthy changes you are trying to make. Get rid of your trigger foods and stock the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry full of fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, beans, lean protein, and healthy snacks, like NuGo bars. If you know you always crave sweets at 3 p.m., then have a healthy snack of some sweet berries and a protein, like Greek yogurt, to satisfy your craving and keep your hunger in check. Or try a NuGo Slim bar (I love the Roasted peanut flavor) which satisfies the sweet and savory craving. Other environments, like social, travel, and commuting are also situations in which you can make changes to keep you successful. If you know you’re going out for dinner, look at the restaurant menu on-line before you go out and decide what you’ll be ordering. Also, having a light and healthy snack before you go out to eat or to a party will help you from making a poor food decision or overeating.


Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time and practice. You may occasionally fail or have a set-back. That’s ok and you should even expect that to happen. It’s how you deal with that set-back. Accept it, own it, figure out why it happened, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the future. By taking the time to assess your progress – what’s working and what’s not – you will be able to make the necessary changes to allow you to be successful in achieving your health and wellness goals.

About the Author:

Erin Macdonald, R.D. is a Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Coach in southern California where she has a private practice and teaches cooking classes. She is the co-founder of U Rock Girl, a web site full of nutrition, fitness, and wellness information and recipes to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. She also writes a regular column for Oxygen Magazine, called “Easy Does It” and will have a new column in Clean Eating magazine called, “Ask the dietitians.” Follow her on Facebook and Twitter




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NuGo Fan Competes in Ironman World Championship

We are proud to sponsor Marie Bartoletti in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on October, 13, 2012. Marie, who is 55-years-old and lives near Pittsburgh, PA, has done 236 marathons plus many triathlons and ultras! She ran her first marathon, the Pittsburgh Marathon, when she was 38 and now paces 25-30 marathons per year. Marie is a huge NuGo fan and loves NuGo Family Coffee, Vanilla Yogurt, and Orange Smoothie. Here is an excerpt of our interview with Marie.

What do you eat before, after, and during a marathon?
Before a marathon, I have a ritual of a banana, and a bagel with peanut butter. I also have an electrolyte drink. After a marathon it is really important to get high carbs and protein. Sooner is better; within 15 minutes is great. Whatever they are serving at the finish line that has protein in it and carbs, I grab! If there are NuGo bars there, they are perfect since they are a great healthy snack high in protein (and delicious tasting). Oh, and I LOVE Chocolate Milk as a recovery drink. It has everything you need and it tastes great too! During the marathon, I drink the electrolytes and water at the aid stations as well as the gels.

What is the most challenging marathon you have ever done?
I would have to say the most challenging one was the first one. I trained properly for it, but when I went out to do it, I did everything wrong.

I would say the most challenging events I have done are my ultras; like the Western States 100 miler and Badwater’s 135 miles in Death Valley’s 126-degree temperatures! Also, I find trail runs great fun but VERY challenging to stay on your feet with all the roots and rocks you encounter!

What tips do you have for others participating in a marathon?
Always enjoy the moment. I tell my groups that if they aren’t having fun, they shouldn’t run! It’s important to train for the event; makes it easier to do it. Always hydrate along the way. NEVER start too fast, it will hurt you in the end. The best thing to do is run with a pacer. I will guarantee you a good time the whole 26.2 miles. I will be your cheerleader, motivator, distracter, joke teller! It’s not a good idea to do anything new on race day; like wear a new shirt or shorts that might rub or try any new food or drinks you are not used to because they might not agree with your stomach. Sleep is most important two nights before the event. Lots of people are worried that they didn’t sleep the night before because they were nervous, but your body doesn’t know you missed that sleep until the NEXT day after that!

Why do you love NuGo bars?
I found NuGo bars at a marathon expo and I loved them. NuGo is one of the bars that is not only good for you with high protein, etc, but they are delicious. It is like eating a candy bar, but a healthy one!

Please take 30 seconds to vote for Marie before September 30, 2012 to be featured in a chocolate milk commercial and watch her terrific video. You can vote daily and for every vote, $1 will be donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. We wish Marie the best of luck in all of her endeavors!

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Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer

Have you been thinking about hiring a personal trainer? Are you wondering how to find the right personal trainer for you? Then, watch this video from Pamela Hernandez, an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.


About the Author: 

Pamela Hernandez is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach, and the owner of Thrive Personal Fitness in Springfield, MO. For additional tips and tricks to help you get healthy and fit in the real world, check out her blog, like her facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @ThriveFit.


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