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Dark Chocolate Deception Infographic

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Stop the Deception, Sign the NuGo Dark Chocolate Petition

DarkChocolateDark chocolate has several health benefits, but how “real” and how healthy is the dark chocolate you’re currently eating? You may be surprised to learn that in most cases, it’s not REAL Dark Chocolate as you’re led to believe.

Currently, the FDA only has labeling standards for milk and white chocolate. When labeling an imitation flavor milk or white chocolate, the FDA standard requires companies to use words like chocolaty and chocolate-flavored.

However, the FDA has no labeling standards when it comes to dark chocolate. Companies label dark chocolate coating without any acknowledgement that it is made with unhealthy vegetable coatings (usually palm oil) – something that would be required if the palm oil was used in milk or white chocolate.

Consequently, consumers looking for the health benefits and taste of REAL Dark Chocolate can be easily deceived. You can protect against this by reading product ingredient listings and avoiding those that contain palm oil or other vegetable fats. Or, reach for a NuGo dark chocolate coated protein bar and be sure you’re getting the real thing.

So why does it matter whether the chocolate you purchase is truly REAL Dark Chocolate or an imitation? Fake dark chocolate is made by substituting vegetable fats for REAL cocoa butter. These vegetable fats are actually proven to raise bad cholesterol levels (LDL) negating the heart-healthy benefits of REAL Dark Chocolate which raises good cholesterol (HDL). Imitation products cost less to produce, yet companies are selling them at the same prices charged for real, honest-to-goodness, healthy dark chocolate — you’re overpaying for an inferior product!

REAL Dark Chocolate has an awesome taste because the chocolate flavor explodes when it melts in your mouth.  The substitution vegetable fats raise the melt point of chocolate above body temperature imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste because the fake dark chocolate did not melt in your mouth. We believe when eating dark chocolate, you should get the awesome taste and health benefits you expect.

Help us stand up for truth and quality! Sign our petition to stop dark chocolate deception. We’re collecting signatures from consumers who care about the quality of the food they eat, and taking our petition to the FDA for better labeling standards for dark chocolate.  After you sign, pass this along to your friends and educate them on dark chocolate deception as well.

Now we get to the delicious part of our article. Where can you find quality, delicious, REAL Dark Chocolate? Try one of our NuGo Dark bars. All five NuGo Dark flavors are made with real cocoa, without imitation ingredients, and are rich in antioxidants and flavor.


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Trick or Treat with NuGo

Tell us about a time you were Tricked into believing something that wasn’t true, and you could win a Treat of NuGo Bars on Halloween! Post a comment on this blog post, and you will be automatically entered to win a box of NuGo bars on Halloween. Winner gets to choose the flavor. To be eligible to win, you must live in the continental US.

At NuGo, we are passionate about preventing consumers from being tricked by Dark Chocolate Deception. Join us in the fight to stop this deception by signing and sharing our petition.


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Dark Chocolate Deception Radio Interview

Watch this great interview about Dark Chocolate Deception, which aired on Eat Drink Explore on October 6, 2013. Host Randol White interviewed Keith Rohrlick, Vice President and Co-Founder of NuGo Nutrition. Watch the video clip below or listen to the entire second hour of this intriguing show.

Eat Drink Explore airs every Sunday in California 8-10 am PDT on Krush 92.5 FM in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties and KSCO AM 1080 in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, and San Benito Counties. You can also listen on Tunein and SoundCloud.

Sign the petition to stop Dark Chocolate Deception!

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10 Dark Chocolate Facts to Share

NuGo Nutrition is the only one selling REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. Many protein bars are labeled dark chocolate, but are deceiving consumers by using unhealthy, fake chocolate flavored palm oil.

REAL Dark Chocolate is made from only cocoa beans (cocoa butter and non-fat cocoa solids). REAL Dark Chocolate tastes great because it melts below body temperature, exploding the luscious chocolate flavor in your mouth when eating.

Most other bars substitute palm oil for cocoa butter. Chocolate flavored palm oil increases the melt point of the fake chocolate way above body temperature. It doesn’t melt in your mouth, imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste, dulling the natural luscious chocolate flavor.

Without a FDA standard of identity for dark chocolate, companies can label a product ‘dark chocolate’ without using REAL Dark Chocolate ingredients!

Sign the Petition to Stop Dark Chocolate Deception, and Share These 10 Dark Chocolate Facts on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook!

Do you know what’s hiding in Dark Chocolate?

 Since no FDA standard for Dark Chocolate exists, fake chocolate can be called dark chocolate!


REAL Dark Chocolate melts in your mouth and explodes with flavor!

Yuck! Fake Dark Chocolate snacks are made from palm oil.

REAL Dark Chocolate comes only from cocoa beans (cocoa butter and non-fat cocoa solids).

Flavonoid-Rich Dark Chocolate has been shown to have many health benefits and is a superfood.

Dark Chocolate is heart-healthy (according to many research studies).

Dark Chocolate may elevate your mood.

Dark Chocolate contains more iron than beef!

Dark Chocolate may boost your workout and brain performance!


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