“As a runner needing more protein for myself and my family, I was determined to craft a protein bar for consumers that care as much as I do about REAL ingredients and want the joy of eating something that is truly delicious. My game changing moment came in 2005 when I first crafted a protein bar coated in REAL Dark Chocolate. My taste buds were singing with joy, and I felt empowered that I was snacking healthy,” said David Levine.

REAL Dark Chocolate is made with cocoa butter, which has a lower melting point than body temperature. When consuming, the cocoa butter provides the smooth velvety texture as it separates from the non-fat cocoa solids releasing the luscious chocolate flavor. Other protein bars use chocolate-flavored palm kernel oil instead of natural cocoa butter, which is cheaper and easier to produce, but raises the melting point of chocolate above body temperature. When eating, the fake chocolate coating doesn’t melt in your mouth, causing an unpleasant waxy texture and too sweet taste.

We recognize that NOT following common industry practices has elevated the cost of the bar. However, NuGo’s mission is to make the best-tasting, healthiest protein bar. As an independent food company, we do not and will not compromise our mission. NuGo protein bars, proudly made in PA, are the only protein bars coated in REAL Dark Chocolate for many lifestyles: gluten-free, organic, vegan, Kosher pareve, low sugar, bodybuilding, and more.

In 2015, NuGo Slim was tested by GI Labs of Toronto to have a glycemic index of 24, the lowest published glycemic index of any low sugar or sugar-free protein bar. Sweetened only with chicory root fiber and lusciously coated in Real dark chocolate, NuGo Slim is a truly delicious protein bar for consumers with diabetes or prediabetes and anyone looking to lose weight. Our verified low GI index, that is a test of how slowly carbohydrates are digested, is designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes.

From a tiny office in Pittsburgh where NuGo Nutrition started over 15 years ago to now a multi-acre complex in the Pittsburgh suburb of Oakmont, PA, NuGo bars are available nationally and internationally. At the heart of NuGo Nutrition is our passionate fans. Fan Deanna Deakin who eats seven different NuGo product lines said, “I can’t believe there are so many other brands of bars out there - NuGo is all anyone ever needs!”

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