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About Anne Marie, RD

Anne Marie Kuchera, MS, MA, RD, LPC is a registered dietitian, and both a licensed nutritionist and licensed professional counselor in the State of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Anne Marie manages community-based obesity prevention and preventive health and wellness initiatives through Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. She recently served as a consultant on a Department of Defense-funded project to create an integrated system of hospital and primary care-based pediatric obesity care. She also counsels children and adolescents, and their primary caregivers, who experience significant weight challenges. In addition, Anne Marie is an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh where she teaches courses in eating behavior, and health coaching, and she offers trainings for health professionals in motivational interviewing through her company, Collaborative Change Solutions, LLC.

Her background includes the development and implementation of worksite health promotion programs, integration of health and wellness coaching into care management continuums, clinical and public health nutrition, and nutrition and behavioral health counseling and education. Anne Marie has a Bachelor of Science degree in clinical dietetics and nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh, and masters degrees in counseling psychology and organizational & community psychology from Chatham University.

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