10 Great Diabetes Resources

10 Great Diabetes Resources

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, these resources will provide valuable guidance and tips. In addition to the many helpful diabetes websites, recommendations for diabetes books, apps, and support groups are included.

1. American Diabetes Association - From diabetes basics and recipes to advocacy and events in your community, this website is full of valuable information.

2. Joslin Newly Diagnosed Resources – Use this comprehensive list of resources to get you started.

3. Top Rated Diabetes Apps – The University of Florida Diabetes Institute compiled this useful guide on free and paid apps.

4. Easy Tips for Counting Carbs Correctly – Viewing the slideshow of tips from Diabetic Living Online will help make you an expert at counting carbs.

5. Your Top 20 Diabetes Questions – Another great resource from Diabetic Living Online has answers to the 20 most commonly asked diabetes questions.

6. Eating with Diabetes: Party Food – Make smart choices at your next party with these practical tips.

7. CDC Tips for Traveling with Diabetes – Handy guide of useful tips, especially for flying.

8. 7 Books for Living with Diabetes – Use this list to find the best diabetes book for you.

9. Diabetes Support Group Directory – Enter your zip code to find the diabetes support group near you, including many groups at local hospitals.

10. Diabetes Mine Blog – A very popular diabetes blog with a large twitter following so you can stay up-to-date on the diabetes news you need.

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