Best 2pm Work Snack

Best 2pm Work Snack

Preparing healthy snack options for work is one of the best ways to stay focused and alert on the job. Well-balanced, healthy snacks for work also help to reduce hunger and cravings.

When considering a mid-day snack, it’s important to have foods that will provide sustained energy and create feelings of fullness to prevent overeating, enabling us to get through our workday to the next regular meal. Foods high in protein and fiber make excellent options for afternoon snacks at work, providing our bodies with the energy they need, while reducing the risk of afternoon crashes or cravings.

Dietary fiber helps to promote feelings of fullness, normal gastrointestinal function, and regularity. Both soluble and insoluble fiber in our diet is essential for healthy digestion and is an excellent component of a balanced 2pm work snack.

Why High-protein Work Snacks... Work!

Protein serves many purposes in the body, from providing essential nutrients for muscle repair to sustaining our energy levels with B vitamins. Protein is rich in B vitamins, which support energy production and aid in the formation and function of new red blood cells. The more red blood cells we have in our bodies, the more oxygen our blood can carry, which allows for healthy cardiovascular function, sustained focus, and prevention of fatigue.

In a recent study comparing afternoons snacks of low, moderate, or high protein content, the snacks that were highest in protein (24 g) led to the most significant levels of reduced hunger, increased fullness, and delayed subsequent eating up to 3 hours post-snack!

High Protein & Fiber for the Best 2pm Work Snack

NuGo Stronger Bars provide these high levels of protein (25 g) as well as dietary fiber (9 g) and only 9 g of sugar. High sugar snacks provide a rush of glucose to the body, which instantly create a feeling of alertness, but are soon followed by a significant “crash” or feeling of fatigue. NuGo Stronger Bars ensure sustained energy and reduced cravings, so enjoy a high protein bar during your workday!


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