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Calorie Control Council Survey: Sugar and Weight Loss Statistics

In April 2011, the Calorie Control Council released statistics that “eight out of ten men and women aged 18 and older are weight conscious.” The data was based on a survey of 1,203 Americans. So, what was the most often mentioned method for weight loss? It was cutting back on foods high in sugar! Additionally, 78% of respondents said they consume sugar-free and low-calorie foods to lose weight. Other popular responses were exercising and reducing portion size. For more interesting diet trends and statistics, view these great charts.

Just cutting 100 calories a day can prevent the gradual weight gain experienced by most Americans. Continuing to increase regular exercise and eating smarter by reducing portions, and limiting fat and sugar intake will help in both losing weight and maintaining it. It is important to realize that these healthy changes need to be ones that can be maintained for life.”

With our new all-natural NuGO Slim bars, it is now easy to make a smarter snack choice. With 180 calories, only 2 grams of sugar from REAL Dark Chocolate, and 9 grams of fiber from chicory root, NuGO Slim high protein bars are a great option for cutting calories and sugar!

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