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Chocolate Lovers Unite - Stand for Something REAL

Chocolate Lovers Unite - Stand for Something REAL

Shouldn’t chocolate be luscious, guilt-free, and something worth celebrating? The clear answer is yes, but unfortunately not all chocolate is REAL chocolate. NuGo is excited to celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day on July 28th for many reasons. First, we are extremely passionate about delivering REAL quality chocolate and getting people hooked on healthy snacking that tastes amazing. Secondly, for chocolate to be delicious, it needs to be real. Why does this matter?

Living in a time where we are swarmed with media messages and marketing, it can be very difficult for consumers to know what they are truly buying at the store. Luckily, the FDA has set a strict standard that defines what can be labeled as milk chocolate. Consumers can be confident they will be eating real milk chocolate because the label does not allow palm oil to be substituted for cocoa butter.

NuGo recognized the importance of delicious taste being a staple in nutritious foods, so we raised the standard by bringing real chocolate coating to protein bars. If you want to satisfy your craving and celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day the right way, we recommend checking out our NuGo Family line, made delicious with REAL milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate is a treat, but we cannot forget about those living a vegan lifestyle or lovers of dark chocolate. The FDA has not set a strict standard that defines what can be labeled dark chocolate, so there are several products hitting the shelves that promise dark chocolate, but really what you are buying is chocolate flavored palm oil. Palm oil compromises the taste and texture of the chocolate, as well as negating the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Fortunately for our vegan community that cannot have milk chocolate, NuGo has several options to satisfy their sweet tooth as well. We are the only company to use REAL Dark Chocolate to coat protein bars for many lifestyles and taste buds. Our chocolate is unadulterated, and that’s the secret to the superior taste of NuGo bars.

To ensure you are truly buying melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, it is up to you and the community to move the FDA in the right direction. We have put together a petition that tells the story about REAL Dark Chocolate and motivates the FDA to develop a labeling standard for dark chocolate.

We encourage you to click here and sign NuGo’s petition. We hope to be your go-to when celebrating National Milk Chocolate Day.

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