Dark Chocolate Linked to Healthy Hearts Once Again

Happy Monday! Many of us were affected by Hurricane Irene this weekend and may have woken up to an especially tough Monday. We hope everyone is doing OK and we’re here to give you a little bit of good news to hopefully make your day a bit brighter. We’ve heard it before, but new studies are giving us even more proof that eating dark chocolate can contribute to a healthier heart.

This new study comes from the University of Cambridge, where 100,000 patients were studied in six studies. The groups, some with heart disease and some without, were compared according to those who consumed the most dark chocolate and those who consumed the least.

The results? Well, the people who had the highest level of dark chocolate consumption had a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 20% drop in strokes, compared to those who weren’t eating dark chocolate. Wow!

We already knew dark chocolate was a healthy choice, but it’s great to see even more studies being done to prove how good it is for our hearts. Not that you needed another excuse to eat a little bit every day.

But dark chocolate isn’t the only thing that can help make your heart healthier. In fact, according to the article, lots of *good* things can help your heart… Like working less and watching funny movies. Talk about good news for a Monday!

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