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Eat a Little (REAL) Dark Chocolate Every Day

With all the research coming out about the health benefits of REAL dark chocolate, we’re big proponents of eating some every day. Not only will you be helping your health (heart, cholesterol, eyesight, etc.) and beauty (skin), but you’ll also be satisfying that sweet craving you likely get at some point during your day. Not a bad deal, right?

Trying to fit more dark chocolate into your diet is a pretty fabulous problem to have. Just make sure you’re eating dark chocolate, as the processing in milk chocolate destroys the flavonols. And make certain you’re eating REAL dark chocolate, as opposed to palm kernel oil or other vegetable fats. We coat our NuGo bars in REAL dark chocolate, but you’ll find most other nutriton bars coated in some type of vegetable fat (it doesn’t melt as easily and it’s cheaper to make). Not only does this mean you’re not getting the health benefits of dark chocolate, but it also means you’ll get that icky waxy taste.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to fit more REAL dark chocolate into your diet:

-Make hot chocolate with real dark chocolate, using skim milk.

-Mix a little melted dark chocolate into a container of Greek yogurt (or crumble a NuGo bar into the yogurt).

-Mix a little dark chocolate into your morning bowl of oatmeal (or mix a NuGo bar into oatmeal!)

-Cover fruit in melted dark chocolate… We like strawberries, cherries, and orange slices best.

-Cover nuts in dark chocolate.

-Eat a REAL dark chocolate NuGo bar!

We recommend keeping a NuGo bar in your desk drawer, so you can easily and nutritiously satisfy your craving when it hits. Many of our bars contain REAL dark chocolate, including our brand new Slim bars. Slim bars only have 2 grams of sugar (they’re sweetened by the dark chocolate and chicory root) and are packed with protein (15 grams!) and fiber (9 grams!). We also have an entire line of NuGo Dark bars, including flavors like Peanut Butter Cup and Pretzel with Sea Salt. Our Organic and FREE bars also contain REAL dark chocolate. Trying to stay healthy has never been so fun or delicious!

NuGO SLIM Roasted Peanut

(Dark chocolate photo courtesy of flickr.com/johnloo)

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