Our Commitment to Ethically Sourced Chocolate

Our Commitment to Ethically Sourced Chocolate

Ethical chocolate sourcing is a core tenant at NuGo Nutrition. We do not purchase from any supplier that supports, endorses or uses unethical labor sources. NuGo Nutrition is aware of chocolate procurement from farms using forced child labor, and we do not purchase chocolate from these organizations.

We have always been certified from various third parties to enforce labor standards. In addition, NuGo has now qualified and is now purchasing chocolate from a family run company in South America who sources all their beans from a farming cooperative, raising incomes for thousands of farmers. NuGo Nutrition is proud of our sustainability initiative.

We are unique leaders in our category by only stating Real Dark Chocolate if the bars are coated with real dark chocolate containing natural cocoa butter. Other prominent bar companies are deceiving the public, using fake chocolate that replaces the natural cocoa butter with palm kernel oil and still labeling it dark chocolate. If palm kernel oil is listed in the ingredients, you know that the company is deceptively labeling fake chocolate.

Why should you care?

Real dark chocolate has an indulgent taste. The natural cocoa butter melts first, providing a velvety texture that rolls over your tongue releasing the full indulgent dark chocolate experience. Imitation chocolate flavored palm kernel oil does not melt, imparting a waxy texture and overly sweet taste. Palm kernel oil is 88% highly saturated fat that raises LDL (bad) cholesterol. Palm oil production is a major source of deforestation and harm to wildlife. According to National Geographic, over 150,000 orangutans were lost due to palm oil production since 1999.

Why do other companies not use cocoa butter?

Simply put…it is to save money. They value their bottom line over your health and our planet. Palm oil is much cheaper than cocoa butter and doesn’t require more expensive temperature control shipping.

At NuGo Nutrition, we value a better tasting product that is better for you and the world.

When enjoying NuGo bars, you can satisfy cravings for real dark chocolate and trust the ethics behind your purchase. Make a better choice for yourself and the world with NuGo Dark, NuGo Slim, NuGo Organic, and NuGo Free, all coated in ethically sourced real dark chocolate!

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