Ethically Sourced Real Dark Chocolate

Ethically Sourced Real Dark Chocolate

As we celebrate Earth Day, it is the perfect time to reflect on the foods we eat and their impact on the environment. From choosing to eat more vegan or meatless meals to choosing ethical chocolate, your food choices can help protect the environment.

Most NuGo protein bars are coated in real dark chocolate. Real chocolate uses the entire cocoa bean, which when pressed produces cocoa fats and non-fat solids. The non-fat solids or cocoa powder give chocolate its distinctive, rich flavor. The fats are the delicious, velvety smooth cocoa butter that blend with the cocoa solids to make perfect chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Other companies pull out the cocoa butter and replace it with palm kernel oil. This less expensive fat raises the melt point of the fake chocolate coating above body temperature. When consuming, the fake chocolate coating does not dissolve in your mouth, imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste. Palm kernel oil in chocolate not only detracts from taste and texture, but moreover it contributes to deforestation of the rainforest and global warming. In order to meet demand for palm kernel oil, massive palm tree plantations are replacing the huge swaths of the biodiverse, ecofriendly rainforest.

According to National Geographic, “About 85 percent of the world's palm oil comes from plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia, where huge tracts of rain forest are cleared and given over to production of the oil.” This conversion of forest land for palm oil production is the greatest threat to orangutans surviving in the wild.

Save the rainforest, eat better tasting chocolate- it seems easy and it is with NuGo.

What is ethical chocolate?

In short, ethical chocolate ensures that your chocolate was made without child slavery or environmental destruction. A study from Tulane University “estimates almost 96 percent of the 2.12 million child laborers in cocoa production in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana were involved in hazardous work in the 2013/14 harvest season.”

NuGo’s chocolate is sourced ethically from a dedicated supplier that plays an active role in the World Cocoa Foundation and promoting sustainable farming practices through its privately management programs in Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, and Ecuador. Through improved farm productivity and cocoa bean quality, farmers are enabled to generate increased income which supports the creation of thriving cocoa communities that also adhere to International Labor Standards.

Read our 2019 updated Commitment to Ethically Sourced Chocolate.


Non-GMO ingredients require less fertilization and reduced water requirements, making them a more sustainable source. NuGo uses only Non-GMO ingredients. Furthermore, NuGo Nutrition established sustainability purchasing guidelines for our direct suppliers that address issues such as environmental compliance, employment practices, and product safety.

Choosing Vegan

It is a well-known fact that going vegan or simply eating more meatless meals has a significantly reduced carbon footprint. NuGo is proud to offer over 20 vegan bars and cookies that are certified vegan. With NuGo, you can enjoy a truly delicious real snack while helping the environment!

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