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NuGO SLIM Roasted Peanut

We are so impressed with the many great reviews of our new Slim bars. With only 2 grams of sugar from REAL Dark Chocolate and chicory root, these revolutionary bars make an exciting blog post. Here are some of our favorite quotes from gluten-free bloggers.

Gluten-Free Cat posted a glowing review of NuGO Slim and took some great photos of the bars!

I’ve found a gluten-free product that meets all of my personal nutritional and taste requirements. The only thing that could make this product better is if it didn’t have a wrapper, and it sprouted from a NuGo tree.

The deep chocolate taste of the brownie crunch was perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth, not too powerful, not too sweet. Just perfect. And the bar fueled me perfectly for teaching back to back BodyPump classes. I was concerned that the 180 calories in the Brownie Crunch bar wouldn’t be enough for a two hour workout, but the combination of carbs, protein, and fat couldn’t have worked better.”

Nosh – The Gluten-Free Kosher Critic also praised our Slim bars, appreciating their unique benefits.

These bars are unique to the line of gluten-free, kosher goodies, because they’re geared toward the low-sugar, high-protein consumer without artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols found in a lot of other products.”

The Roasted Peanut was just right, like a chocolate-peanut butter sandwich. Definitely a go-to when you are hungry and need something to keep in your bag.”

The Gluten Free Traveller reviewed both our Slim and FREE bars.

The roasted peanut bar (Slim) has a good texture and bite to it and contains 15g of protein. Most of the protein bars I’ve tried are squishy but this one has some crunch to it. If you like dark chocolate and peanuts then you’ll like this. It tastes just like dark chocolate covered bar form.”

The Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bar is probably my favourite of the bars I tried. The mixture of sweet nutty granola mix goes well with the dark chocolate making it sweet and tasty.

The Delicate Place loved that the bars contain only 2 grams of sugar.

If you are looking for a tasty bar and watching your sugar, I’d definitely recommend picking one of these bars up asap!

Read more reviews of NuGo bars. Order NuGO Slim on our website, and look for them in stores soon.

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