Healthy Airplane Snacks for the Holiday Travel Season

Healthy Airplane Snacks for the Holiday Travel Season

The holidays are here, which means you may find yourself staring into the depths of your empty suitcase debating what to pack in preparation for your exciting holiday travels! But what are some must-have items to definitely pack? Healthy snacks! Whether you are waiting in mile-long lines at airport security, sitting at your gate during a delay, or simply enjoying a relaxing flight home to see family and friends, packing healthy snacks is essential to ensure you are fueled up and energized during your holiday travels! Choosing simple, plane-friendly snacks can be challenging, but we will get you started with some ideas listed below!

Build-your-own Trail Mix

Pack little baggies of your own home-made trail mix as a balanced snack to have on-hand whenever you need it. Choose a high-fiber, whole-grain cereal and mix in some dark chocolate chips as well as your favorite nuts and seeds. Or, you can get your fiber and feel full with NuGo Fiber d’Lish bars.

Fresh Fruit with a Peel

Fresh fruit is an easy and convenient snack to travel with since it is a simple grab-and-go option. Aim for fruit with a peel such as a banana, just in case your belongings shift while going through airport security! Additionally, since the change in air pressure tends to leave us feeling dehydrated, choose fruits such as oranges or clementines, which will help replenish our bodies with fluids! Plus, the added boost of vitamin C will support a healthy immune system!

Single-Serve Bags of Popcorn

When it comes to crunchy and satisfying snacks, such as popcorn, aim for the single serving bags. Not only will this help you practice proper portion control, but they will also be much easier to pack in your bag! Aim to choose varieties light in salt and butter so this way you are not feeling dehydrated and bloated when you land!

NuGo Nutrition Bars

The one indulgent snack that is sure to keep you feeling full until you arrive at your destination is NuGo Real dark chocolate coated protein bars. You can tell that NuGo bars are real because they are made with natural cocoa butter that provides smooth texture and indulgent dark chocolate taste and do not contain palm oil. Other protein bars are deceptively labeled as dark chocolate when they in fact use palm oil, which imparts a waxy texture. Check the ingredients, if palm oil is listed in the ingredients, the protein bar is adulterated fake chocolate. For indulgent Real dark chocolate protein bars, choose NuGo Dark, NuGo Organic, or low sugar NuGo Slim. Left the house and forgot to pack your NuGo Nutrition bars?! No problem! They can be found widely available in many airports so keep an eye out during your next trip!

Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, don’t forget to stay fueled up with these healthy airplane snacks! Which of these snacks are you going to try when you pack for your next trip?! Wishing you a happy, safe, and healthy holiday from our family to yours!

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