Eat More Fiber. Reach a Healthier Weight.

Eat More Fiber. Reach a Healthier Weight.

Several lifestyle habits support a healthy weight. You already know what they are – regular physical activity, eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer high fat, high calorie and high sugar foods, and structured meals and snacks. Sounds simple, right? Yet, these health-promoting behaviors aren’t the easiest to carry out in a culture that doesn’t necessarily support them. You might track calories or count carbohydrates to help you manage your weight, monitor your exercise or count your daily steps. These are all effective methods for working toward and achieving weight goals.

In addition, eating more fiber is an effective weight loss strategy. In fact, eating 30 grams of fiber per day has been shown to enhance weight loss efforts. With the average American eating just 16 grams of fiber each day, we have some room for improvement.

How does fiber help with weight loss and management?

High-fiber foods contribute to feeling fuller without adding a lot of extra calories. Drinking plenty of water - important with a high-fiber diet - contributes to fullness too. And, most fiber-rich foods contain both the soluble and insoluble types. Considering most high-fiber foods are also low in fat and sugar, this is also helpful.


Plant foods, plant foods, and more plant foods. The less processed the better. Fruits and vegetables have high fiber composition, along with beans, nuts, and legumes - whole grains too. Simply adding a piece or serving of fruit to each meal can boost fiber intake by as much as 10 – 15 grams per day, and it’s a natural low-calorie dessert. In addition, mid-morning or mid-day snacks are an excellent way to give your diet a fiber “boost”. Consider these:

  1. One-half cup edamame beans and whole grain crackers – 6 - 7 grams of fiber
  2. Fresh pear and ¼ cup almonds – 8 grams
  3. One serving baked tortilla chips with ½ cup black beans – 9 grams
  4. NuGo Slim bar – 7 grams of fiber or NuGo Fiber d’Lish (12 grams)

For those that have had surgery for weight loss:

NuGo Slim bars have 7 grams of fiber, 16-18 grams of protein, and only 2-3 grams of sugar with a tested low glycemic index under 29. These bars should be the perfect treat for you to get your fiber while avoiding a high sugar snack.

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