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High Praise for NuGO Slim

High Praise for NuGO Slim

Kimberly Bouldin, a gluten-free blogger and runner, published a fantastic review of NuGO Slim on the popular website, Celiac-Disease.com. Kimberly was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 and reviews many gluten-free products.

We loved this review because Kimberly did a great job of highlighting the features that make NuGO Slim so unique from other low-sugar protein bars.

1. No Maltitol or Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners and I do not get along. Never have. I do what I can to avoid them at all costs. A lot of diet bars that are high in protein have artificial sweeteners which makes them a no-no in my book.”

My stomach was not bothered in the least by these bars, another amazing fact!

2. Flavor, Texture, and Size

I tried both the brownie crunch and the roasted peanut. Both bars had a nice flavor & texture and were not overly sweet. The size of the bar was decent. There is nothing I hate worse than eating something in this same calorie range that is tiny and feeling unsatisfied when I am done.

3. High Protein and Fiber

I felt satisfied when I was finished with these bars and they held me over until my next meal, which is not an easy task. With all of the running & training that I currently do, I am always eating. Snacks that don’t have protein and fiber in them don’t hold me over and I find myself hungry again in the next hour.”

Kimberly also mentioned that NuGO Slim is made with REAL dark chocolate and chicory root fiber. Read the entire review here.

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