How to Improve your Eating Habits, One Step at a Time

How to Improve your Eating Habits, One Step at a Time

Making changes in your eating habits and lifestyle behaviors takes time and effort. At the same time, if you think eating healthy has to mean giving your current diet and daily routine a complete and total makeover, then this post is for you. Small, sustainable changes can easily turn into long-term success before you know it! And, by taking one step at a time, you give yourself the opportunity to build on small successes, gaining confidence along the way. Here are some simple tips to begin making some changes that suit your lifestyle. No need to do them all at once. Choose one or two strategies from this list of five and find success with that first.

1. Make a Plan for Meals and Snacks

Meal prep can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Try setting aside 10 minutes at the beginning of each week and make a general plan of what you’d like to eat for both meals and snacks. Keep a record, make a list of what you need, and save it so you can use it again.

2. Add a Fruit and Veggie to Every Meal

Whatever you are eating now for meals, add a fruit and a veggie - a piece of fruit with a sandwich or a side salad with a bowl of soup. Keep the dessert if you want, but don’t forget the fruit and vegetable. By doing this, you get to enjoy your favorite foods, and you will still sneak in valuable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients as well!

3. Be Conscious of Fast Foods

Many fast foods and fast-casual foods are marketed as healthy, but if you look a little deeper, not so.Be wise with your choices, pay attention to portion sizes, and don’t get suckered into thinking that every smoothie is healthy.

4. Make Breakfast Easy

No time for breakfast? No problem! Pack something that’s easy on the go, like a hard-boiled egg or a NuGo bar. Don’t forget the fruit!

5. Don’t Snack Out of the Bag

While snacking can fill hunger and nutrition gaps throughout the day, snacking out of the bag can quickly lead to over eating. Always portion out snacks into a bowl when possible to avoid this pitfall.

Start with one or two strategies, get comfortable and confident, and then try something new. With a step-wise approach, you can be successful in improving your eating habits.

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