Men’s Health Month: 5 Simple Tips for Dad

Men’s Health Month: 5 Simple Tips for Dad

As we celebrate Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day, June is the perfect time to share with Dad important health tips. Let Dad know how much you love him and want him to value his health, so you will have many years of celebrating Father’s Day together.

1. See a doctor for a check-up. Did you know women are twice as likely as men to see a doctor for preventative care? A primary care doctor can recommend all the potential lifesaving screenings for your age. These important screenings can detect problems before you notice any signs or symptoms, so don’t put this off another year!

2. Don’t ignore health symptoms. Don’t accept shortness of breath, fatigue, pain, or other symptoms as a normal part of life – discuss them with your doctor!

3. Exercise more. Find the type of fitness activities you enjoy most and incorporate them more frequently in your weekly routine.

4. Improve your nutrition. Make simple changes, like eating less sugar, salt, and fat and eating more fruits and veggies.

5. Get an extra hour of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to many health problems. While it is recommended to sleep 7-9 hours per night, that may not be practical for you. Set a simple goal to get one more hour of sleep than you normally do by going to bed an hour earlier.

For more Men’s Health tips, visit the CDC and

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