NuGo at the Third Annual Healthy Living Summit

Last week, NuGo Nutrition attended the third annual Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia. Well, our bars did, anyway. The Healthy Living Summit (HLS) is known for their fantastic swag bags, featuring all kinds of products that are perfect for people working to live a healthy lifestyle. We were lucky enough to be able to include 3 of our bars in each swag bag: One from our Dark line, one from our Organic line, and one from our FREE line. Something for everyone!

Since the Summit, we’ve been having a blast reading recaps of the weekend and seeing what everyone thought of NuGo bars. Here are a few of our favorite NuGo thoughts so far:

-Peanut Butter Fingers says, “I also ate a NuGo dark chocolate chip bar from the HLS swag bag that I loved! It was so, so chocolaty and right up my alley.”

-Healthy, Healthy, Whole mentions, “Thank gosh for those delicious NuGo Bars in the swag bag…seriously, I couldn’t have worked out without it!”

-When she tried the Organic Double Dark Chocolate, Food, Fitness, Fashion claims, “It tasted more like a candy bar than a nutrition bar. You know what it reminded me of? Remember Whatchamacallit’s?”

-Sweat = Success says about our Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Bar, “It was pretty darn tasty- the melty chocolate outside contrasted perfectly with the crispy NuGo Crunch and almond insides. I’m excited to try more NuGo products in the future!”

-In talking about all the HLS swag, Shanna Like Banana’s Blog admits, “My faves were definitely the Nugo Darks –I’ve been touting these forever and now finally others will see how awesome they are.”

-Shosh and the City claims, “I’m a sucker for a good protein bar! I’ve given the Nugo bars a try for breakfast the past two mornings. And they’re great. I really loved the pretzel dark chocolate bar. The combination of salt, and chocolate is definitely a favorite of mine…”

If you attended the Healthy Living Summit and wrote about NuGo bars on your blog, let us know! We’d love to see your review and feature it on our own blog in the future. Thanks to HLS for including NuGo bars in your fabulous swag bags!

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