NuGo Athlete of the Month: Arnita Champion

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Arnita Champion

Arnita Champion, a former World-Class hurdler, holds the titles of All American Hurdler, All Time Individual Champion, United States Track and Field Elite Athlete, and National Pan American Champion. She is a member of the World Championship Team and a top 8 finalist in the 84, 88, and 92 Olympic Trials. Arnita eventually had to hang up her spikes due to an Achilles injury.

At the age of 50, she wanted to check off one of her bucket list items of gracing the fitness stage as a bikini competitor. At her first bikini competition show, Arnita not only won her category but took “Over All.” With a mesomorph type body, the judges encouraged her to step over to figure and she went Pro.

“As a pro figure competitor, I have yet to embrace the fullness of being a pro figure competitor seeing I once again had to deal with another hurdle…shoulder surgery. I know that life also has its obstacles and barriers that must be cleared and as a former hurdler, I know how to get over them. I am a firm believer that C-hange H-appens A-nd M-anifests P-rimarily I-n the O-nes who N-ever quit or give up! That is a CHAMPION. I am looking at gracing at the stage again soon.”

Her greatest achievement as a pro figure competitor may seem odd, but it is that she can be a role model for the women and men who know that age is just a number and that the sky is not the limit. By achieving Pro status, she is able to mentor, educate and assit those who have that desire to slay the stage at any age.

Arnita first found NuGo bars in Walmart. Her favorite NuGo protein bar is NuGo Dark Chocolate Coconut. She also loves NuGo Slim Espresso and NuGo Protein Cookies, Double Chocolate and Oatmeal Raisin.

“I was just looking for a snack in Walmart and I really wanted Twizzlers but I had to be real with myself and do the right thing! Haha, I have tried many protein bars but I wanted vegan. So when I saw NuGo, I thought I will give it a try! And rest is history! NuGo is my go-to whenever I want at healthy yet great tasting snack!”

Arnita is a graduate of Texas Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters in Education and Counseling from University California State Dominguez Hills. She is a specialist, counselor, and professor at a community college. She enjoys singing, shopping, and staying spiritually fit just as much as she enjoys staying physically fit. She loves rebounding on the one and only Bellicion, reading, and being a girly girl.

She also owns her own business, Champion EnterPrize Inc. Her current goal is to represent the fifties in the industry by conducting and facilitating conferences focusing on the F words: Fit, Faithful, Fabulous, Fift-Plus and the list goes on. Follow Arnita on her website, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

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