NuGo Athlete of the Month: Alex Dunn

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn, a hockey player from Faribault, Minnesota, has been playing hockey since he was nine. He got his first look at hockey at the age of eight when his dad took him to a Minnesota Wild game. Shortly after, his aunt and uncle started taking him skating on the weekends and after a few months he joined hockey.

It became a huge part of his life and has been ever since. From going to professional games to playing in tournaments on the weekend to late night practices. "I couldn’t get enough of the sport. I’ve been playing hockey for 10 years and I hope to continue playing as long as possible," said Alex.

Alex's favorite bar is the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate. "I enjoy NuGo bars for their taste and nutritional value. It's really nice to be able to rely on NuGo bars when I miss a meal or when I'm looking for a healthy way to add more calories into my diet," said Alex.

In addition to hockey, Alex enjoys playing baseball and golfing. He works at a country club in the summer while also coaching hockey camps and golf clinics. Grant is a Freshman at the University of Minnesota where he is looking forward to playing hockey and studying kinesiology and sports medicine. He hopes to find a career that can satisfy both his love for sports (especially hockey) and his interest in the medical field.

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