NuGo Athlete of the Month: Alex Kotzen

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Alex Kotzen

Alexander (Alex) Kotzen is a nationally-ranked tennis player, who recently won his first national tournament. The 16-year-old teen from New York City currently lives in Short Hills, New Jersey. Alex started playing tennis at a young age because of his father who played in college. Alex played a lot of tennis growing up, but it wasn't until he went to Barcelona, Spain to train that he started playing more than four times a week.

He has enjoyed his experience as a tennis player so far and said, “I enjoy my highs and my lows, by myself, whether I win, or lose, the outcome is entirely dependent on me.” It has been a journey and since there is no team, he has no one to rely on but himself. The past few months he has been traveling to tournaments and playing at a very high level. He said that practice is always tough, and weeks can be grueling with school and tennis but, “it’s a commitment that is well worth the stress.”

His greatest achievement so far is winning his first national tournament. He won it this past October by beating out two players ranked top ten in the nation. This past fall he won two tournaments and had very good results in the other tournaments. Since the beginning of September his record is 17-2 in singles. He recently just played at the Junior Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships, the biggest 16 and under junior tournament in the world and beat a former European number one in the first round. He is currently ranked 18th in the country in the sophomore class and 29th in the country in the 16th and under age group. Before Barcelona, he was not ranked nationally at all.

His favorite NuGo Line is NuGo Slim because of how healthy it is and how good they taste. “I use NuGo bars daily when I train to give me energy to play and practice hard after a long day at school. Without NuGo I wouldn’t have the energy to compete and play as hard as I do every day.” He also appreciates the transparent labeling and clear ingredients. He said, “Not only does NuGo taste great, but it’s good for your body too!”

Outside of tennis, Alex loves skiing. Before he went to Barcelona, he ski raced in New Jersey, but has since given up racing. He loves to ski because, “I feel comfortable and free on the mountain.” In addition to skiing, he enjoys the outdoors and the water. He also likes to spend time with his friends and relax. Follow Alex’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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