NuGo Athlete of the Month: Bryan Morseman

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Bryan Morseman

In the last four years, Bryan Morseman ran over 34 marathons and won at least 20 of them! He is currently training to achieve the US Olympic Marathon Trials Standard of 2:18, which will be held in Los Angeles in 2016. His best marathon time is 2:19:57, which puts him in the top 20 in the Boston or Chicago Marathon out of 40,000+ people. In September 2014, he won the Adirondack marathon with a record-setting time of 2:26:59 on a very tough, hilly course.

Bryan Morseman is 29-years-old and lives in Bath, NY. He became a runner when he was in sixth grade, following in his family’s footsteps. His father was a 4:44 miler in high school and his older brother was a great 800m runner

“I love doing what I love, and being able to travel all over the country is amazing,” said Bryan. “I am thankful to have such great parents and a great wife and to be a father of two boys (Alden who is 26 months and Leeim who is 3 months).”

Bryan’s favorite line is NuGo Dark. He loves Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Pretzel. When he isn’t training or competing, his toddler son keeps him in shape. At some marathons, Alden cheers for Daddy. Follow Bryan on Twitter as @Runnerx2016.

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