NuGo Athlete of the Month: Caleb Dobosh

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Caleb Dobosh

Meet 26-year-old Caleb Dobosh of small-town Claysville, PA, right outside of Pittsburgh, the hometown of NuGo Nutrition. An athlete with two unique interests, Dobosh is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter by passion and IT Auditor by profession.

His motivation, dedication, overcoming of injuries, and ability to balance many facets of work have inspired us to feature him as Athlete of the Month. He tells the story of his journey with the help of NuGo along the way.

Regarding the beginnings of his dream, Dobosh reflects, “My first encounter with Mixed Martial Arts wasPride FC based out of Japan. I was 14 years old. I remember watching Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell wrestle every opponent he faced. I also saw Dan Henderson fight for the first time. These guys have been fighting since before this sport was cool and mainstream with UFC.” Feeling inspired, Dobosh woke up the very next day to sign up for wrestling. However, it wasn’t until his senior year in college that he found Mixed Martial Arts to be his true desire.

Like many athletes, Dobosh encountered serious challenges in the form of injuries. During that same year, he injured his back and spine from training. “To this day, that was the most difficult injury I’ve ever faced. I underwent lower back surgery to fix two herniated discs, a torn cartilage, and nerve damage. It was so severe that I had a walker and needed help 24/7 for six months. I remember feeling lost and helpless during this time,” Dobosh recounts. After a year off and gaining more than 50 lbs, Dobosh decided to take matters more seriously if he really wanted to pursue MMA.

Dobosh will be dropping down to the 155-lb lightweight division in September. “I usually walk around at 195-200 lbs, so I knew I needed to change things up,” Dobosh admits. A major part factor in his performance is diet, making his hometown brand of NuGo a natural fit. “I love having NuGo Nutrition on my team! Their bars are so delicious and made with quality ingredients. They are great for me,” says Dobosh.

“Sometimes after a long practice or gym session, your stomach can’t handle a full meal. A genuinely healthy/nutritious bar makes perfect sense, since it’s packed with all the protein and vitamins my body needs to recover,” Dobosh comments about his relationship with NuGo.

While the NuGo team prides itself on great variety, there are always those couple of flavor preferences. Dobosh says, “My favorite line has to be the NuGO Stronger series. They have muscle-building protein and taste delicious. My favorites are Caramel Pretzel and Peanut Cluster. They are not safe around me!”

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