NuGo Athlete of the Month: Joey Nunes

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Joey Nunes

When Joey Nunes was in high school, he never intended to become a long distance runner. After unsuccessful attempts at trying to make the baseball, golf and basketball teams, he began track in his junior year. Despite the fact that he pole vaulted, high jumped, and even ran sprints, the head track coach sent him to train with the cross country team. By the middle of his senior year, Joey worked his way up to the varsity cross country team. He went on to compete in junior college, and in 2008, transferred to a four year university, California State University Stanislaus, on an athletic scholarship.

Since graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 2011 with many impressive cross country accomplishments, Joey obtained a master’s degree, lived in Alaska, worked on his coaching career, and continued to train. In 2014, Joey moved back home to California to pursue his dream of competing in Portugal, the birth place of his parents. After a year of preparation, he competed in the Portuguese Road National Championships on a tough hilly course. The night before the race, he was sick with a fever, but still managed to place 35th in the country.

“When it comes to training, the Stronger line of bars are my go to for post workout recovery,” said Joey. NuGo Stronger Peanut Cluster and Cookies ‘N Cream are his favorite flavors, but he also enjoys NuGo Dark and NuGo Family after some runs. He knows the importance of eating within 30 minutes after a workout, but also knows the reality that it isn’t possible to get home in time to prepare a meal. “That’s where the Stronger bars are a big help for me and my training knowing that I can get my body the protein it needs to recover,” explained Joey.

Although he competes in road races throughout the United States, his primary focus now is the 10,000 meter run, This spring, Joey is competing in a track 5k and 10k and the San Diego Rock & Roll Half Marathon. His current goal is to slowly move up into the half marathon distance.

Joey works as an assistant cross country coach at his alma mater, which is a division two school. Aside from running, his favorite hobby is disc golf. When he lived in Alaska, he got into cross country skiing and competed in three races, including a 50k classic ski race. Visit Joey’s website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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