NuGo Athlete of the Month: Kayla Yaakov

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Kayla Yaakov

Kayla Yaakov is only 10 years old, but she is already a fierce competitor racing motorcycles. In 2017, she competed in 57 races and placed first in 27 of them. She started racing motorcycles when she was just five years old. Her father used to race, and she decided it looked fun and wanted to try it.

Her greatest achievement was winning three national titles at the WERA Grand National Finals in 2017. Also, Kayla was named the 2017 Youth Road Racer of the Year by the American Motorcyclist Association. Her future goals are to eventually race at the world level in either world super bike or MotoGP.

Kayla’s favorite NuGo line and flavor is NuGo Stronger Caramel Pretzel. “I like NuGo bars because they’re easy to pack and bring to the track and provide me with healthy energy throughout the day,” she said.

Outside of racing, Kayla is a 5th grader in Gettysburg, PA. She enjoys playing the saxophone in the school band and the guitar at home. Follow Kayla along her impressive journey on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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