NuGo Athlete of the Month: Mary Closs

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Mary Closs

Mary Closs started playing tennis at the age of five, and now at the age of 22, she is turning pro. Mary played other sports growing up, but decided to focus on tennis at the age of 13. She loves the individual aspect of the game and the amount of problem solving involved.

She received a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame where her team made the NCAA tournament all four years that she was there. It was an amazing experience playing for a team and representing a school, as she had grown up playing all individual tournaments. Now, she is pursuing a career on the professional tour. She recently obtained her world ranking at the end of 2017. She currently trains at Saddlebrook in Florida and loves it.

Mary’s favorite line is NuGo Slim. She likes getting a lot of protein and fiber, which are both found in NuGo Slim. In addition, she loves that they are low in sugar and free of artificial sweeteners. They are easy on her stomach and extremely enjoyable. Her favorite flavor of NuGo bars is NuGo Stronger Caramel Pretzel because she loves the combination of sweet and salty. Mary explained her love for NuGo bars as a workout snack.

“NuGo bars are a great fuel during or after practice and matches. When I am on the go, it is an easy and nutritious way to refuel. I like that the bars have clean ingredients and provide a solid amount of protein.”

Outside of tennis, Mary loves to cook. She enjoys trying new recipes and coming up with her own ideas and combinations. “Nutrition and fuel are an important part of performance, so I try to cook healthy foods,” said Mary. She also enjoys any outdoor activities, whether it is playing other sports or going to the beach. Follow Mary’s journey on Instagram and Twitter.

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