NuGo Athlete of the Month: Matt De Witt

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Matt De Witt

Matt De Witt has been around running and racewalking his entire life due to his father being a collegiate coach. Matt started running during high school in 1994 and began racewalking in 1997. He started racewalking because it was a great way to travel the country. Matt received a collegiate athletic scholarship for racewalking at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. There he competed in seven national championship track meets, received five All-American Awards, and competed in the 2000 US Track and Field Olympic Trials, finishing 10th in the 20km racewalk.

After college, he competed at a dozen other US Track and Field Racewalk championships of various distances. Matt explained his accomplishments in many competitions.

“My best finish at 20km was 6th place. I competed at the 2016 US Track and Field Olympic Trials and finished 4th place at the 2017 US Track and Field 50km Racewalk Championship. My greatest racewalk accomplishment was qualifying and competing in Rome, Italy, for Team USA, at the World Team Racewalk Championship. I finished 102nd in the world.”

In running, his best 5km is 16:30, from 2000. He ran a 2:53:17 marathon PR in 2009, qualifying to run the 2011 Boston Marathon. He also runs his age in miles every November since he turned 30 years old. This past November, he competed in his first 50mi Trail Run, running 8:34:29.

Now at the age of 38, his goals for 2018 include racewalking the 50th Paavo Nurmi Marathon with his dad, running over 50 miles, cycling 150 miles, finishing an adventure race, competing in a Rogaine event, and competing in two orienteering events.

Matt loves NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip. He uses them to refuel after a workout. “They are a great way to replace calories and get protein. Plus they are vegan and taste great,” said Matt.

He enjoys listening to music, watching Marvel movies, going to sporting events, and spending time with his family. Follow Matt on facebook.

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