NuGo Athlete of the Month: Scott Powell

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Scott Powell

Scott Powell is a professional BMX rider who has performed many BMX stunt shows in his career as one of the most recognizable flatlanders in the world. He began riding at the age of 15 when local riders captured his attention with impressive moves. He was in awe and immediately wanted to possess the skills to be able to do the same stunts.

Having just celebrated his 45th birthday, he has now been riding for 30 years progressively. Through years of practice and dedication to the sport he has become a highly respected, internationally known, professional BMX-flatland rider with a variety of specialized skills.

Scott’s favorite NuGo flavor is NuGo Slim Raspberry Truffle. He explained, “I usually have a bar as a pre-riding snack to have something light, yet solid in me yet not too heavy.” He also eats NuGo Dark, NuGo Stronger, and NuGo Organic.

Outside of biking, Scott is an owner of Chenga World skate park and pro shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Chenga World is one of the longest running privately-owned parks in the country. Although Scott has retired from BMX competition, he still judges many major contests and actively performs demonstrations worldwide. Furthermore, he finds time to manage teams and design and produce bike products. Scott is currently working on several video projects.

Watch Scott’s impressive moves in his fantastic NuGo video. Be sure to keep up with him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo.

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