NuGo Athlete of the Month: Sydney Le Cras

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Sydney Le Cras

Triathlon athlete Sydney Le Cras accomplished her greatest athletic feat by qualifying for the Olympic distance national championships. She did this in part because being just a student at Cal Poly was not enough for the 20-year old. The college student who is studying Environmental Science and Geology uses sports as a learning tool and a way to overcome life’s stresses.

Le Cras had been running for 10 years when a devastating family event caused her to take pause. To overcome the mental trauma, Le Cras decided she wanted to challenge herself and take on the sport of triathlon. She learned first hand the power of exercise to combat depression and cope with stress.

This was a great challenge for the athlete, because she had to teach herself swimming and biking prior to entering her first competition. That first triathlon was in 2012 and was a half ironman race. To say the least her training served her well, as she qualified for the Olympic distance national championships. From that point on she competed in her age group for TeamUSA in the 2014 World Championships, coming in 13th place.

In the future, Le Cras is training for a race in her native North Carolina and is considering competing in an IronMan in Vichy, France.

Some of her favorite NuGo products are from the Stronger line.

“NuGo Stronger bars are a part of my everyday routine, especially when I am on my off-season and really focusing on building strength and endurance through weightlifting,” said Le Cras. “Also, as a college student in general NuGo bars are always there for me when I do not have time to prepare a meal or snacks. They are my trusted alternative to buying unhealthy food on campus.”

Besides her continual education endeavors and training, Le Cras also blogs. In her free time, Le Cras likes yoga and weightlifting.

Get some of Sydney’s favorite bars now- NuGo Stronger.

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