Watch NuGo Dark on Dr. Bond’s Think Natural

Watch NuGo Dark on Dr. Bond’s Think Natural

Dr. Ward Bond discusses dark chocolate deception and NuGo Dark on Think Natural TV on Friday, October 6, 2017. Dr. Bond’s Think Natural airs nationwide to 46 million households on CTN on DirecTV 376 and DishTV 267 at 12 Noon EST. If you are a cable subscriber, you can watch the segment now in this blog post.

For many years, Dr. Ward Bond has been a fan of NuGo Real Dark Chocolate coated protein bars. In fact, we featured him as our fan of the month in November 2016. Not only is Dr. Bond a passionate fan, but his entire family eats NuGo bars.

Watch Dr. Bond, and sign our petition to stop dark chocolate deception!

Order gluten-free and vegan NuGo Dark with everyday free shipping on orders over $50.

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