NuGo Fan of the Month: Lulu Conboy

NuGo Fan of the Month: Lulu Conboy

Recently, Lulu made the decision to start running. After her first time running the stairs, she walked over to her local market, Daniels Apple Market, to find a plant-based protein bar for recovery. That is when she found NuGo. The first flavor she tried was NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip. After her fifth run, she saw NuGo Slim Crunchy Peanut Butter and decided to give it a try. She was immediately hooked on NuGo Slim, and then went to Sprouts to try even more flavors. Lulu has enjoyed trying many NuGo Slim flavors and sharing them in her Instagram stories.

“I really enjoy NuGo Slim Chocolate Mint. It reminds of a yummier version of Thin Mints. And I really like Raspberry Truffle. I love that they are low in sugar since unfortunately my body likes to store sugar in the wrong places. They are delicious. You can't tell it's a protein bar.”

Lulu’s family eats 13 NuGo bars per week! She eats one daily as a post-run snack. Her 9-year-old daughter eats one after ballet three times per week while her 11-year-old son has three a week as a snack in between classes.

She is a certified medical assistant, working towards becoming a surgical technician. Lulu stopped working to homeschool both her kids, which has allowed her children to develop at their own pace, learn more hands-on, and have more time for travel. One of their favorite vacations was the drive up to Montana, where they enjoyed sightseeing in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

In addition to Zumba and an adult hip hop class, Lulu has recently become fond of stair running. On a good day, she runs 1,800 steps on steep stairs outside, which is 20 times up the first set of stairs and 20 times down the second set of stairs. Then she runs two to three times around the complex. Lulu definitely needs a good source of protein after her run. She also enjoys a good yoga session to end the day.

She shared this great advice. “Never give up on anything you start. Remember why you started in the first place. A healthy body = a happy soul. More love less hate. Eat NuGo bars!!”

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