NuGo Fan of the Month: Mia Castelveter

NuGo Fan of the Month: Mia Castelveter

Mia, a United States Army Reserve Officer, started eating NuGo bars daily when she was in high school. Her mom used to joke that she would get sick of them, but she never has. Now, Mia has graduated from college and still eats NuGo daily! When she went to a military school in Virginia, her mom used to mail NuGo bars to her.

Her favorite flavor is NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip, but she is also a huge fan of NuGo Dark Mocha and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. She also really likes many NuGo product lines, including NuGo Slim, NuGo Protein Cookies, NuGo Free, and NuGo Family. Mia and her family eat NuGo frequently.

“Well there are 7 days a week, so 7 per week. Sometimes I have eaten more than one in a day. My mom used to limit me to one a day - I am seriously so addicted to them. My mom eats them too and has even given them to our friends to try. We are a family of NuGo eaters. On road trips I bring them, and mid road trip my dad, an Army Veteran, both enjoy our respective NuGo bars along the way.”

Her stomach can be super sensitive in some aspects. She always ate a NuGo before every race in high school and college (and even now) because it calms her stomach. NuGo always hit the spot for her and satisfies her craving. Any time her stomach is upset, she still eats NuGo to settle it! She tries to eat a very balanced and healthy lifestyle, and NuGo bars fit into her nutrition plan perfectly.

Mia explained what she loves best about NuGo Bars.

“I love that NuGo bars use REAL dark chocolate. NuGo bars settle my stomach and they taste delicious. They don't taste fake like sooo many of the other bars out there. Plus they are way healthier than a candy bar which is a win in my book. I also love how NuGo Slim has low sugar. But the NuGo Dark bars are definitely my favorite. I travel a lot and these are my favorite snacks to bring with me and are perfect if you are on the go, in an airplane, or in another country. Great for road trips too.”

Anytime she had an Army field event, she would always bring NuGo bars when authorized. Mia loves running and Beachbody On Demand. She ran in high school and ran NCAA Division 1 athletics at Virginia Military Institute until she was injured. Now, she is a Beachbody Coach for the company Beachbody and runs on the side for fun!

Follow Mia on Instagram and visit her Team Beachbody page.

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