NuGo Fan of the Month: Alexys Matcuk

NuGo Fan of the Month: Alexys Matcuk

Eighth grader Alexys Matcuk has been competitively swimming since she was four-years-old. She is now a USA Sanctioned swimmer and swims with Arizona Gold, one of the best swim clubs in the country. Alexys swims six days a week for at least two hours per day. She swims all strokes, but her favorite is breaststroke.

Alexys hopes to be an Olympic swimmer who wins Gold, like Michael Phelps. She would also like to compete in the Ironman in the future. After attending college, she may become a Naturopathic Medical Doctor or a Holistic Nutritionist Specialist, like her mom.

Before running her first 5K in 2013, Alexys tried her first NuGo bar. She quickly became hooked and started eating all of her mom’s NuGo bars. She shared NuGo with her teammates at a swim meet and everyone loved them. Alexys and her mom eat strictly gluten-free and avoid foods with GMOs.

She has several favorite flavors, include NuGo Dark Chocolate Mint, Mocha Chocolate, and Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt, and NuGo Stronger Carmel Pretzel. Alexys eats them daily, before and after swimming, before runs, and sometimes for dessert. For swim meets, she eats three to four bars for endurance. Alexys explained why she loves NuGo bars so much.

“Finding a good tasting bar is hard, especially with extra protein, gluten-free and Non-GMO. These taste like dessert, like a candy bar, and they are amazing and super healthy. I get my energy from them to compete and then restore it after with my bars. NuGo bars will always be my favorite, and I won’t ever be caught swimming without them.”

This month, Alexys will run her first half marathon and celebrate her 13th birthday. Alexys would like to thank her mom for being her nutrition expert and her dad for being her “Swim Mom.” On Facebook as Veg Hedz, she posts about nutrition for kids. Best of luck to Alexys on fulfilling her dreams!

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