NuGo Fan of the Month: Allegra

NuGo Fan of the Month: Allegra

Allegra first tried vegan NuGo bars six years ago when she was in college. She was working full-time and going to school full-time and needed something easy and healthy to take with her on-the-go.

She now eats NuGo Dark every day, either as a workout snack or if she is craving a dessert. “I love sweets and it has been a huge help to have these instead of eating junk,” said Allegra. Her toddler daughter usually has at least one bite of every NuGo bar she eats when she is with her. Sometimes her daughter grabs one and pretends to open it while grunting like it's such hard work while she waits for mom to open it. Her daughter also loves NuGo as a treat.

Allegra posts many photos of NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip on her vegan Instagram account, hopesandveggies. She also eats NuGo Organic Dark Chocolate Almond. After being a vegetarian for her entire life, she recently became vegan.

Her favorite thing is the real dark chocolate coating on NuGo bars. “Chocolate has always been my biggest weakness when trying to eat healthy, but these satisfy my cravings without being empty calories,” said Allegra.

For six years, she has worked in the IT field. She is a system administrator, maintaining servers for various companies. Allegra enjoys weight lifting, running, Zumba, yoga, and using the elliptical to stay fit.

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